Download 50+ Free Stock Video Clips on Shutterstock

Would you like to try the premium stock footage from Shutterstock without paying? There is a way to get over 50 video clips for free on this stock video site.

Shutterstock is one of the largest stock video libraries in the world. Even though Shutterstock is known primarily for its massive collection of royalty-free stock photos, vectors, illustrations, the site also hosts over 27 million stock video clips. The stock video library is impressive because you can get both footage, but also special effects under the Elements section.

Shutterstock’s Stock Video Quality

Shutterstock’s stock video library may be of a higher quality than elsewhere. We sometimes submit video clips to Shutterstock and other stock video sites. Shutterstock’s acceptance of stock video clips is more strict than with the other similar sites. So the clips you get from Shutterstock are better from the technical standpoint. When downloading footage from Shutterstock, you can be sure that there will be no rolling shutter or blurring or any other technical flaws in the clip.

Over the last several years we see a major shift into 4K. The majority of stock footage available on Shutterstock are now in both 4K and HD. As of 2023, there are over 16 million video clips in 4K vs. 11 millions with the highest resolution of HD.

You should also know that all the 4K video clips are automatically available in HD (converted upon contributors’ upload to the video site).

Stock Video Search on Shutterstock

Shutterstock has a rich filtering system so that it’s easier to find that ideal stock video clip.

You can choose between Select and Hide Select. Select is the premium tier of Shutterstock’s video clips – exceptional quality, higher price per clip. You can then sort by Popular or Fresh. The resolution filter allows to choose between 4K, HD, SD.

Then you can match your timeline’s FPS by choosing the clips in the respective FPS. You can also filter by video length and pick a specific video category.

Finally, you can choose the usage: Only Editorial vs Non Editorial. For commercial projects, make sure to pick Non Editorial to avoid any surprises in the future.

Shutterstock Free Video Clips

Now we’ve arrived to the most interesting point in our story. How would someone be able to download Shutterstock videos for free?

If you hoped to find illegal ways to do so, there are none. Shutterstock is a for-profit company, so they need to compensate their video contributors and also make a profit.

Shutterstock has several collections of free stock video clips. Free video collections as not as many as their free image collections. But you can still download a lot of high-quality stock videos for free. Let’s dive into that.

16 Free 4K Clips

This free video collection includes 16 video clips in 4K. You can download these free video clips and use in any online project (personal or commercial).

If your Internet connection is slow, you may need to be patient. The free video collection sits in a public Dropbox folder. You can download clip by clip or download the whole pack by clicking Download in the top left corner in Dropbox.

This free video collection includes a different array of videos: from digitally made sci-fi scenes to generic fit-all coast or desert views.

40 Free Video Clips

You can also download this collection of 40 free video clips in no time. You will sign up for free, which is super easy. Give a name and a valid email. Once done, you will have access to another Dropbox folder with 40 free video clips ready to use on social.

The clips were cropped to 1×1, 9×16 and 16×9 aspect ratios. The 16×9 clips are all usable in professional video edits.

One Free Video Clips with FLEX

You can get 1 free video clips with the free trial. The free trial is valid only if you buy All-in-one credits (10) and use the promo code: TRYFLEX10 at checkout. This free trial will give you 10 free images, 1 free video clip, and 2 free music tracks.

Shutterstock Discounts on Stock Video Footage

If you have a budget and you’d like to continue using the Shutterstock video library, here are a couple of saving tips.

Shutterstock Stock Video Subscription

Shutterstock has several video subscription options. You can check them all here. The annual 20 clip subscription give the lowest price per clip (under $10/clip), but you will need to pay over $2,000 upfront.

You can also save by using coupons that are available on Shutterstock. See below.

Shutterstock Stock Video Coupons

In the Coupon section of the Shutterstock site you can find the ever green coupon giving you 10% off any purchase of video clips. Use FF10 at checkout to get 10% off.

Here are some more coupons valid on Shutterstock’s video clips in 2023.

The following coupons valid in 2023 will give you 15% off any video purchase: from individual stock video clips to video packs and stock video subscriptions:

  • FFF15
  • LUTS15
  • BEATS15
  • ZINE15


The Shutterstock stock video library is a huge resource for video editors and video professionals to get quality footage. From b-roll to missing scenes, you can find them all on Shutterstock. Using the free video clips is also a great way to get to know this stock video library better.

Need more free creative assets from Shutterstock? Check out these other free collections available on this stock image and stock video site:

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