2 Ways to Download 600+ Shutterstock Images for Free

Here is how to download Shutterstock images for free, legally. The free images are available in 2024.

When editing videos, you may sometimes need to add stills in your edit. These days you can google “free images” and get tons of sites offering free photos and images. Unfortunately, such free sites may not always provide enough legal coverage for the assets you can download from them. If this is not an issue for you, go ahead and search for “free photos” on either Google or Bing. If this is an issue, read on.

Paid image libraries are a good alternative, but by using them you may incur extra costs, which you did not plan for.

What about the third way? How about getting some free images from paid sites like Shutterstock? Impossible, you’d say. We’ll say it’s quite possible and legal. There is no piracy or any shady stuff involved in our tips below. We uncovered several ways that will help you get free images on Shutterstock. The images and photos you get are 100% clean for both personal and commercial use. Let’s get down to business, without further ado.

What’s the catch? Well, Shutterstock is offering these free images for you to try their massive image library. Downloading such royalty-free images and photos for free gets you a little closer to signing up for an image subscription with this library.

Before you check the links below, create a folder “Shutterstock Stock Images” and start downloading the below in there. Create your own image collection that you can refer to time and again if you need stills for your video project.

Shutterstock’s Free Image of the Week

Shutterstock offers several free creative assets once a week.

Another legal way to get Shutterstock images is to check this free image page every week.

Shutterstock distributes 1 free image and 1 free vector every week. You have a free account on this site. When logging in you will see it in the account. Alternatively, bookmark this link and visit it every Monday to get a new free stock image or stock vector.

Shutterstock adds new free images diligently. These images may not be related to each other, though.

Shutterstock Free Image Collections

Shutterstock has regular giveaways of video clips and images.

Over the last several months Shutterstock published many free image collections ranging from 40 to over 50 free images in each.

We believe that Shutterstock is sharing its wholly-owned images in response to different events or initiatives. This is a great way to enrich your own stock image collections. These free images are also clear of any restrictions. You can freely add them to your projects.

Let’s start with the most recent one we found.

Free Images with People

Shutterstock has a completely free collection of stock images with people. The collection includes over 40 photos. Download these free images with people here.

Free Zoom Backgrounds

Shutterstock has a collection of free images you can use as photos or backgrounds. Even though Shutterstock positions the collection as backgrounds for Zoom, these images are good to use for projects and designs. There are over 50 free background images here.

Free Business Images

Shutterstock also has a free image collection related to business activities. This collection counts over 40 images. The collection has a good level of diversity of topics. Download these free business images here.

Free Abstract Images

Here is another valuable collection of free images from Shutterstock. They related to abstract terms and notions. Download 40 free abstract images here.

Free Background Images

Backgrounds are another popular category of stock images. You can download a small free pack of images from Shutterstock here. They include over 40 free backgrounds for your projects.

Free Christmas Images

Shutterstock has a collection of free Christmas images. You can find the Christmas image collection here.

Free Flower Images

Over 40 free flower images are included in this collection, which is ready for download. You can download it without signing up.

Free Holiday Images

In search for some holiday imagery? Shutterstock allows to download this 40-image collection of holiday-themed images for free. Check this page out.

Free Money Images

Here is another free collection of images. Here it’s a money image collection with 40 images for grabs. Download without signing up.

Free Easter Images

This is a collection of free Easter images that you can download from Shutterstock. It has 40 free Easter-related images. Head over to this page to download this image pack.

Free Spring Images

This spring image pack is also free for you. Check out this free collection of spring-focused visuals: photos and vectors. All good to download on this page.

Free Summer Images

This summer image pack comes in addition to the spring one. Check out this free collection of summer pictures: photos and vectors. All good to download on this page.

Free Autumn Images

This fall image pack is also free for you. Check out this free collection of autumn photos and vectors. Ready for download on this page.

Free Winter Images

This free winter image pack is available for download. Check out this free collection of winter visuals: photos and vectors. All good to download on this page.

Free Seasonal Images

This seasonal image pack is another free image collection from Shutterstock. Check out this free collection of seasonal visuals: photos and vectors. All good to download on this page.

Free Medical Images

This collection of free medical images includes photos of medical professionals and medical scenes that you can download for free with one click.

Free Images with Dogs

Here is another interesting collection of free images from Shutterstock: Dogs. You can get free photos of puppies and adult dogs here. All 100% free.

In conclusion, the above free image collections offer over 600 free images you can get on Shutterstock today. There is nothing illegal in downloading these free images. Shutterstock offers these images as a way to either try their image library or help freelancers or small businesses. These images are good to be used in online projects. There are no restriction, except you cannot redistribute or resell these images.

If you need more than 600 free images, you may want to sign up for one of Shutterstock’s image plans. Make sure to check out the promo codes that save between 10% – 25% on your Shutterstock subscriptions.


If you spend a little more time on Shutterstock, you may see the site has a rich blog with a Freebie section. Perusing through that section shows it has a bunch of free image assets too. Here are several freebies that caught our eye. Not sure how to use these in video projects, but they are good for download into the “Shutterstock Free Images” folder too.

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