Promo codes for video editors and motion designers

Promos for Video Editors, Motion Designers, 3D Artists

Find the recent discounts, promo codes, offers and deals for video editors, motion designers, and VFX artists here. Start saving today!

Despite our dedication to free elements and creative assets, we use certain paid libaries. Free libraries cannot always compete with the massive for-profit marketplaces. The bright side is the paid sites offer savings with coupons, promo codes, flash sales. We are collecting these deals here.

From stock videos and royalty-free music, to project files and plugins for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Cinema 4D, see the current coupons and promo codes below.

Whether you are planning to get assets for a new YouTube video, or you need to add visual effects to your current video edit, the below coupons and promo codes should offer some good savings for your project.

Promo Codes: Stock Video and Images

Let’s start with the stock asset libraries that are known for their sizable collections of stock images and videos.


Shutterstock is a massive marketplace known for its huge library of stock images, vectors, and illustrations. This online library also offers millions of stock video clips and thousands of royalty-free music tracks.

When you shop for video on Shutterstock, check out their video elements collection. It includes over 40 high-quality packs ranging from light leaks and lens flares to some serious VFX packs and video transitions.

Here are the current coupons and promo codes valid on Shutterstock in 2021:

SS10: 10% off all stock images, excluding Enterprise and custom subscriptions

FF10: 10% off all video clips and royalty-free music. Only valid for standard online licensing.

LUTS15: 15% off all video clips and stock music. Valid for online licenses.

BACKTOSCHOOL15: 15% off all stock images, video clips and stock music. Valid for online licenses and online subscriptions.

ZINE15: 15% off all video clips and stock music. Valid for online licenses in 2021-2022.

PICK10FREE: Try the Shutterstock image library for free. Get 10 free images with this promo code. Valid in 2021-2022.

Before buying on Shutterstock, you can always check their stock footage and stock images for free:


Pond5 is a popular stock video library that has over 20 million video clips. Over the last couple of years, Pond5 has branched out into stock images and stock music, but these assets are not as numerous as their video clips.

Use these Pond5 promo codes:

HELLO20: This code will give you 20% off on your first purchase on the site.

PHOTO50: Get 50% off your first purchase of any static visual on Pond5.

SFX50: With this promo code you can get 50% off your first sound effects from Pond5.

3D50: This promo code will allow you to buy your first 3D models on Pond5 with a 50% discount.

AE50: Use this promo code to buy your first After Effects template on the site.

You can always try Pond5 for free by tapping into their free video collection:


This image and video library that’s owned by Adobe has a lot to offer too. If you need stock imagery, you can check their free image offering.

FREEIMAGES15: This promo code will give access to a handful of visuals for free.


This is another stock image library based in France. It’s not as large as Shutterstock or iStock, but it may have some hidden gems. Try it with these promo codes.

SPP123RF10: 10% off on your purchases and subscriptions.

123RF also has a bunch of free images that you can download before signing up for a paid account.

Stock Video Secrets

SVS is a small stock video site that has close to 200 video clips. All the video clips in HD are free – you just need to sign up or sign in, add them to the cart, and download.

In case you’d like to get their source files, usually in 4K, the site sells those at one flat rate of $9.99.

We have an exclusive coupon if you plan to get their source files.

VIDEO30: Use this code to get 30% off all source video files in 2021.

Promo Codes: Stock Music and SFX

Here are several popular music libraries and sound effects sites.


PremiumBeat is a popular royalty-free music website with over 20 thousand high-quality music tracks in its music library. All the music is handpicked and curated. According the site’s blog, PremiumBeat has a team of professional musicians who listen to every single track before it’s approved for publishing on the site.

The site also has a large number of PRO-free tracks. This may be very interesting for folks using stock music in the countries where PRO organizations police actively the usage of background music on radio, TV, films. To our knowledge, Germany is one of such countries. So PRO-free music (fully cleared from any royalties) is what you’d need for a commercial project if you are in Germany, France, or Italy.

Currently, PremiumBeat does not have too many promos. In 2021, use these promo codes below to get 25% off your music tracks on this stock music site.

AUDIO25: This promo code will get you 25% off all your standard music licenses.

PremiumBeat also has several free music tracks that you can download here.


Envato is a large marketplace offering almost everything a video editor or a motion designer would need. From stock videos to SFX, from WordPress templates to Premier Pro projects – you can get it on Envato.

Envato also owns – a popular free site with thousands of free video clips, music tracks, SFX. Basically, by downloading stuff from Mixkit, you tap into Envato’s library.

Currently, Envato does not have any coupons or promo codes. You can sign up to receive their weekly and monthly freebies here, though. By signing up into their email list, you will get access to custom offers.

Evoke Music

Evoke Music, a provider of quality AI-generated stock music from Japan, is currently running a 50% off promo, which includes both Creator Pro and Business subscriptions. The 50% off offer is valid on both monthly and annual payments. Use the promo code: SUMMERSALE.

Promo Codes: VFX, Plugins & Elements

Here are our preferred sites to get video overlays, VFX, plugins, and more. Save today with these deals for motion design and 3D models, plugins.


FilmBodega is a new kid on the block. This website offers several high-value and high-quality packs of video elements. Their fog and dust overlays are a must-have. Their SuperMORGRT is another thing any self-respected video editor and motion designer needs in their arsenal of tools.

Our site has an exclusive coupon that will give you a solid discount:

FFV25: Use this promo code to get 25% on all your purchases on

In August, FilmBodega’s products are all priced at $10, no exceptions. Take a look!

Action VFX

Action VFX has some of the best explosions in the online VFX business. You can also get top-quality muzzle flashes, blood splats, and so much more on this site.

Currently, there are no coupons available. The site goes on sale around Black Friday.

Action VFX has recently introduced a new subscription, which allows to use their whole library at a small monthly fee.


AEScripts is a power marketplace full of top-notch plugins and scripts. It’s full of goodies for your motion design projects.

In 2021, AEScripts has 4 promo periods. Check out their schedule and see whose work is on sale.

Also, check out their homepage. It usually features all the packs and products on sale.

Lens Distortions

LensDistortions started as a VFX site, but have grown into a all-in-one platform. LD are now offering VFX, stock music, SFX, Color and photo tools and assets.

The site is offering all-you-can-eat subscriptions for all the assets in their library on the annual basis. Starting at $399/year, you can get unlimited access to their library.

Currently, there are no promo codes available.


ToolFarm, a well-known marketplace for motion designers and 3D artists, is a reseller of plugins, VFX packs, plugins and other collections. They pair up with the leading producers and offer all their cool stuff in one place (like a supermarket!).

Check out their homepage, which lists the tools and collections on sale.

Currently, ToolFarm does not have any promo codes. Their major sale is happening around Black Friday.

Boris FX

Boris FX is another high-octane library of plugins, tools, packs for motion designers and VFX artists. Their effects were used and featured in a lot of shows and films. Yes, their stuff is pretty expensive, but it’s top quality. If your budget allows it, check their libraries out here. For savings, use the promo codes below:

KELBY15: Use this promo code and get 15% off when you buy any pack or tool on the site. Valid in 2021.

RD Textures

This European site (pricing is in Euro) has an impressive collection of textures. Currently, there are no sales or promo codes available. You can always start with their free collection of textures.


Turbosquid is a library of 3D models and packs. It’s been around since 2000. So its name is well known with 3D artists. Currently, there are no promo codes available, but you can always download their free 3D models here.


This marketplace for 3D models has a rich collection of free 3D models, which include cars, humans, and more. The free models include such popular formats like OBJ, C4D, BLEND. Check out what’s on display for free here.

Promo Codes: Training & Courses

Here is our preferred sites offering training for video editors, motions designers and 3D artists.

Motion Design School

Motion Design School is a popular training website that offers hundreds of courses on motion design, 3D, illustration, animation. MDS has full-length courses for After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop.

Currently, there are no available coupons. MDS offers major discounts for Black Friday.


GSG is a strong brand in the 3D community. Their plugins and tutorials helped raise a generation of 3D artists and Cinema 4D users. Currently, GSG has moved all their tutorials and plugins to their subscription service – Greyscalegorilla Plus. For a small monthly fee of $49 or $34 (when you prepay for the whole year) you have access to the wealth of their Cinema 4D materials, plugins, education.

You can save a bunch if you sign up to Plus and jump on their annual subscription.

Need more video elements or VFX effects? Check out these free collections available on our site:

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