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PROHBTD Revolutionizes Chaos in the Digital Art

PROHBTD is a visual artist who depicts chaos in art. Their ideas can be used across creative fields and projects. Let’s dive deep into their work.

Chaos in art has always had its place since the ancient times. Why would chaos be so attractive to creators of all times, old and new? There is something dark, sad, and unfathombly painful in this kind of art. Just think about “The Scream” by Edvard Munch – there is something so disruptive and discomforting in that painting. Or spend some time looking at Shelter Experiments, near Woburn, Bedfordshire, by John Piper, which is full of war fatalism.

In the 21st century, many visual artists like PROHBTD are taking chaos to the digital world. Let’s see how PROHBTD sheds a new light on our reality through scenes of chaos and psychodelic imagination.

What is chaos in art?

Chaos is complete disorder and confusion. When you look at paintings and drawings with scenes of chaos, you see dark deadly scenes full of emptiness and sadness. Oftentimes, you see the end of the world as we know it.

Protests, wars, natural disasters, tragedy, and, eventually, death – these are “perfect” chaos scenarios. Think of “The Last Day of Pompeii” by Karl Brullov. There is so much going on in that painting. People are dying, the colors are grim, the mood is gloomy. Everything reeks of Death approaching at a fast pace.

100-200 years ago, chaos depicted in art was pessimistic in nature. There was no optimism, no rebirth, no resurrection in such scenes. These days chaos has shaped itself into something different. It is used to send important messages, like drawing our attention to societal issues. Chaos is not the final goal for the creative work like centuries ago. It’s a proxy that triggers open questions and makes the viewer think up their own individual scenarios and fantasies.

PROHBTD approaches chaos in art as a means to send important messages and attract viewers to the problems occurring in today’s America and the rest of the world.


PROHBTD is a visual artist who creates original works of art that’s designed to live in the digital and physical realms. PROHBTD’s concept is to inspire people to face familiar and unfamiliar combinations and circumstances.

PROHBTD focuses on two distinctive areas in their art: FACE IT and ESCAPE IT. Both tread in territories that are often forbidden or that are semi-tabous.

FACE IT includes all the works that call to think about how institutions treat us, how we treat each other,
how we treat the planet and how we actually should be treated.

ESCAPE IT is about escapism and exploration. These works invite viewers to leave their daily routines behind and travel across a digital psychedelic trail that leads them to more enlightened places.


How would you describe The FACE IT collection with one simple word? I would say “holler”. When you are in trouble and no one is listening, you holler out to be heard. That’s what FACE IT does. PROHBTD is shouting and yelling about what the country has to face.

Let’s see what we don’t often want to FACE:

Police violence

Voices of protests


Fake democracy

Alive, but dead inside

Active, but dead inside again

Crazy pace of technology

The messaging is heavy, but sobering. See more of FACE IT.


ESCAPE IT is inviting you to take a trip to the subconscious. Remove the commonalities and forget about the conventional beliefs about the world.

Let’s look at a couple of impressive pieces from this collection.


How would you imagine freedom? It’s about liberation: remove the boundaries and fly away.

Mona Lisa

What is real art? This Mona Lisa reproduction with overlaid hands and photo gear is a simple way to show how true art is mistreated today. Art is not something you contemplate anymore, but it’s a touristic attraction. You take a photo of the work and move on. Then you post on social media and tout your own horn you’re such a connoisseur of art. Ironic! The message is to get back to the appreciation and beauty of art.

Control Couple

The Control Couple series is our favorite one. It’s such an original idea to replace people’s heads with controls. The message is more than clear – don’t be controlled by media, TV, incompetent but vocal leaders. Stay independent in how you think about your surroundings, events, life.

PROHBTD’s Chaos for Creators

Visual artists like PROHBTD feel the pulse of our reality and depict it under unusual angles. They don’t point to problems, frictions, or issues in a straight-forward textual form. Instead, they present visual stories where incompatible elements come to build a message. Yes, it may take time to decipher the message, but when it’s done, the moment of enlightenment sets in.

When you work on video projects, add some chaos in your creation and get inspiration from artists like PROHBTD. Consume this art in places like museums, galleries, but also unusual places like Pinterest boards.

We are publishing the images with the permission of PROHBTD. PROHBTD’s art is available in the digital format at

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