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Download Premium and Free Sound Effects on PremiumBeat

If you use PremiumBeat as your source of royalty-free stock music, we have some good news for you. The site has recently added premium sound effects to their offering.

PremiumBeat used to have a small collection of SFX several years ago, but it was discontinued. Now SFX are back to this stock music site. Let’s take a look at the royalty-free sound effects and compare it to the competition.

Also you can try PremiumBeat’s sound effects for free. Actually, there are over 100 sounds that this site gives away.

Premium Sound Effects

PremiumBeat has over 16,000 premium sounds that you can license in the same way you license their music.

Currently, the site has two licenses for SFX: Standard and Premium.

The Standard license is $US 5 and it allows worldwide distribution across numerous project types like web videos, web ads, podcasts.

The Premium license is $US 20. It is a good fit for large-scale projects going on TV, radio, film, apps, and games.

The sound effects are not part of the PremiumBeat music subscription yet.

Searching for Premium SFX

You can easily search for sounds on PremiumBeat. After you search for specific sounds (for example “cinematic“, you will see a Category filter on the left. The filter will allow to go deeper into specific sounds based on your search.

You can also sort PremiumBeat’s sounds by Popularity and Relevance.

Unfortunately, PremiumBeat hasn’t classified their SFX into groupings, collections, or bundles yet.

In a nutshell, browsing and finding sounds is simple and easy on the site. Give it a try!

Promo Code

You can get 10% off premium sound effects (and music tracks too) with this promo code: TRACKS10.

Apply it at checkout.

SFX Competition

PremiumBeat’s sound effects come into fierce competition with other stock music sites. Here are just a handful of paid sound effects libraries and collections that the other music and video sites have:

Each of the above libraries have more sound effects to choose from. There are also strong free competitors, like Mixkit.

We believe that PremiumBeat’s SFX library is an addon for those users that already license music on this site. It’s great to have everything in one place.

PremiumBeat Free Sound Effects

PremiumBeat Blog - Free Sound Effects

If you want to download some of the same sound effects for free, turn to the PremiumBeat blog.

Their blog has several free SFX collections that we are listing below. These free downloads don’t require any registration. They are simple click-and-download types.

Visit these 8 SFX collections and download them all for free.

Their variety is impressive too: from vintage to space sounds.

  1. Free firework sound effects
  2. Free epic sound effects for movie trailers
  3. Free explosion sound effects
  4. Free vintage sound effects
  5. Free cinematic atmospheres
  6. Free ambient sound effects
  7. Free footstep sounds
  8. Free sci-f- sound effects

Usually, each free SFX collection will have a trailer for you to hear the sounds in action. Take time to check them out.

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