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500+ Most Popular Free Sound Effects at Mixkit.co

Being big fans of Mixkit.co, we decided to analyze the sound effects section of the site to identify the most popular and downloaded free sound effects on the site. See our finds below. In addition, we also explain how to download these free sound effects in bulk.

We already explained how Mixkit.co works and what free assets you can download on the site. Mixkit is a child of Envato Elements and attracts a huge amount of visitors who can download free videos, audio, sound effects. We also downloaded a good amount of freebies during the last several months.

For our SFX analysis, we used several online tools like Ahrefs.com, Google search, Bing search to check on the most popular free sounds that get downloaded on Mixkit. For one, it was out of curiosity. For two, we wanted to know better what sound effects our industry peers need for their projects.

We hope that this information will be useful for you. Feel free to use the direct links below to grab those free SFX. Mixkit does not require any login.

So we have the top 50 sound effect categories from Mixkit in the descending order. We will also tell you how many free sounds are available in each category. We are also very honest as we don’t omit anything that we uncovered during our research (yes, the fart sound is in the list too!).

Most Popular Free Sounds

Here are the most popular free sound effect categories on Mixkit. There are over 1,500 sounds in these 50 most popular sound effect categories. The rating is based on total visitors and downloads over the last 3 months.

  1. Alarm Sounds: 33 free alarm sounds are available for download.
  2. Explosion sounds: 60 free alarm sounds are available for download.
  3. Fart sound: 12 sounds are available.
  4. Bell sounds: 62 free bell sounds are free to get.
  5. Buzzer sounds: 23 sounds are available.
  6. Rain sounds: 49 free sounds.
  7. Notification sounds: 46 free sounds.
  8. Funny sounds: 54 free sounds.
  9. Beep sounds: 11 free sounds.
  10. Boom sounds: 17 free sounds.
  11. Whistle sounds: 16 free sounds.
  12. Gun sounds: 23 free sounds.
  13. Scream sounds: 17 free sounds.
  14. Pop sounds: 11 free sounds.
  15. Thunder sounds: 44 free sounds.
  16. Game show sounds: 37 free sounds.
  17. Siren sounds: 17 free sounds.
  18. Bomb sounds: 14 free sounds.
  19. Cartoon sounds: 108 free sounds.
  20. Bleep sounds: 16 free sounds.
  21. Car sounds: 33 free sounds.
  22. Applause sounds: 41 free sounds.
  23. Moan sounds: 5 free sounds.
  24. Horror sounds: 31 free sounds.
  25. Cat sounds: 13 free sounds.
  26. Waves sounds: 16 free sounds.
  27. Horn sounds: 17 free sounds.
  28. Animal sounds: 172 free sounds.
  29. Laugh sound: 52 free sounds.
  30. Phone ring sounds: 13 free sounds.
  31. Ding sounds: 15 free sounds.
  32. Cricket sounds: 17 free sounds.
  33. Dog sounds: 19 free sounds.
  34. Dj record scratch sounds: 12 free sounds.
  35. Keyboard sound: 22 free sounds.
  36. Cow sounds: 15 free sounds.
  37. Door sounds : 33 free sounds.
  38. Crying sounds: 13 free sounds.
  39. Fire sounds: 28 free sounds.
  40. Static sounds : 41 free sounds.
  41. Monster sounds: 59 free sounds.
  42. Horse sounds: 14 free sounds.
  43. White sounds: 21 free sounds.
  44. Church bell sounds: 17 free sounds.
  45. Night sounds: 12 free sounds.
  46. Music sounds: 25 free sounds.
  47. Transition sounds: 42 free sounds.
  48. Nature sounds: 54 free sounds.
  49. Lion sounds: 4 free sounds.
  50. Barking sounds: 19 free sounds.

We got all sorts of sounds in the top 50: from human and animal sounds to cars, nature sounds, and in between. Use the direct links to get to the category that’s needed for your creative project.

How to Download Mixkit’s Free Sounds in Bulk

If you’re looking for a way to download these sounds from Mixkit with one click, we have a solution for you. Here are the steps you may want to take:

Step 1: Download the DownThemAll! addon in your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Go the Media tab and choose Audio files. See below:

The extension will find all the mp3 files on your page.

Step 3: Click download and check your preferred Download folder. The mp3 files should be there.

Even though this method allows to download the preview files, their quality is high enough for video edits. In case you want to return to the Mixkit page and download the original version after reviewing the preview files, you can always do that too.

Need more free sound effects? Check out these free SFX collections:

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