Musicbed Challenge filmmaking contest

Musicbed Challenge: Showcase Your Filmmaking Skills for Free

This filmmaking competition is a real gem! Read on to find out more.

Musicbed Challenge is back with its fourth edition of the filmmaking competition, giving filmmakers from all over the world an opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity.

What is Musicbed?

Musicbed is a premium music licensing platform for the filmmaking industry. The site represents an elite roster of artists, musicians, and composers. Since Musicbed works with and for filmmakers, their contest is one of those events when the site gives back to the filmmaking community.

What is Musicbed Challenge?

Musicbed Challenge is a filmmaking contest. By participating in this contest, you will join thousands of filmmakers in a creative exercise that allows you to showcase your talent and skills.

To participate in the Challenge contest, go to the Musicbed Challenge website. Sign up for the Starter Kit, which has all the necessary details and links.

The steps are straight-forward:

(1) You need to choose your category from three options:

  • Narrative (1-10 minutes runtime)
  • Spec Ad (30-120 seconds)
  • Documentary (1-10 minutes in length).

(2) You can then choose your songs from the free music list on, and your final submission should include at least 10 seconds of music from the provided Musicbed playlist.

(3) Once you have chosen your music, you can start making your film with a runtime of 30 seconds to 10 minutes. The submission deadline is March 31, 2023, and the winners will have the chance to win a share of $100K in grants and gear.

(4) To submit your work, you need to upload your film to YouTube or Vimeo and mention Musicbed Challenge in the title. Alternatively, you can also submit your film on the Musicbed Challenge website.

There are 16 filmmakers who will judge the submitted films.

As a bonus, you will also have access to 25 free video clips from Filmsupply (premium stock footage site) by using the promo code CHALLENGE. The free footage will be available in the Musicbed Challenge video collection.

Again, all the information you need to participate in the challenge will be available in the starter kit that you will receive via email upon signing up on the Musicbed Challenge website.

Why Take Part in the Musicbed Challenge?

The Musicbed Challenge provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to gain exposure and recognition in the industry. The competition has previously received thousands of entries from filmmakers all over the world, and winners have gone on to receive industry recognition, as well as career opportunities in the field.

The competition is open to all filmmakers, regardless of their level of experience, making it an inclusive platform for those who are just starting their careers or those who have been in the industry for years.

In conclusion, the Musicbed Challenge is an excellent opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their creativity, gain exposure, and potentially win grants and gear to further their careers. With the support of Musicbed and the filmmaking community, participating in the challenge can be a stepping stone towards a successful career in the industry. Start your journey here!

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