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Is Mixkit a Really Free Video Site?

While searching for free video assets, you must have found Mixkit.co, a site offering free creative elements. Let’s see if Mixkit is legit and is truly free.

Our site is not associated with Mixkit.co, which will hopefully make our review impartial and honest. Everything below is our humble opinion which is far from being exhaustive. With this said, let’s jump into it.

Mixkit.co or simply Mixkit is a relatively new site that offers free stock videos, free stock music, free sound effects, and free video templates. Our records show that this free site was launched around the end of 2019. The site is positioned as a source of free video and audio elements that you can download with a simple click. As of the moment of writing, Mixkit allows to download the free video and audio assets without any gating. In other words, you don’t need to sign up for anything to download the free stuff. This is so great!

A skeptic reader will probably ask “What’s the catch?”. We will get to this later. Let’s first discuss the video and audio elements that Mixkit offers for free.

First impression about Mixkit

When you land on the site, you notice that it’s about free video clips, music tracks, sound effects, and video templates. When you start diggining deeper in the site, you find that Mixkit is more than that.

Here you can get the following categories of elements:

This selection of categories is impressive. The creators of this site know the stuff that video pros and video enthusiasts need for their projects.

The size of Mixkit’s free library

Mixkit is a free site which has a lot of assets, but its size cannot compare with the paid libraries, like its parent Envato Elements. Our research shows that the whole Mixkit library is slightly over 50,000 assets (clips, tracks, effects, templates) as of 2023.

Our research shows that Mixkit heavies up on free video clips. Their free video library counts thousands of free video clips.

Even if the amount of assets is not too large compared to paid video libraries, the free footage comes in handy for the video community. Mixkit has fewer video elements than audio. Let’s see how it goes.

Free Categories

Let’s delve into the free asset categories to see if these free elements from Mixkit are completely free? Let’s also discuss the technical specs of the free elements and touch upon licensing. We will talk about video clips and audio as these are our primary interest on Mixkit.

Video clips

Mixkit’s free video library is good, but not excellent. The free videos are mostly available in FHD (1080p HD or 1920×1080). There are no 4K clips (at least we were not able to find any). You can check these other libraries offering free 4K footage here.

We’ve downloaded 20+ clips to analyze the quality. Here are our finds:

  • The bit rate is healthy: 20-25Mbps.
  • File size ranges between 30-60Mb per clip.
  • The frame rate in the majority of the clips we downloaded was 23.98 fps.

Licenses range from “For personal use only” to “For personal and commercial use”. Commercial use is a little vague as it covers “filmmaking” and “commercial projects”. But we will take it as very permissive!

Our verdict is these free clips are great footage for any online video project.

Music tracks

The music library on Mixkit includes several hundred free music tracks. Based on the sound and our previous experience with the Envato music catalog, these music tracks seem to be on the lower side of the quality spectrum in their music library.

Here are our finds based on several downloads:

  • All music tracks are .mp3 files.
  • They are all compressed with Pro Tools.
  • The bit rate is 256Kbps.

The sound quality is intermediate, which is mostly due to the compression. The choice is good, though. So spend some time browsing the music categories on the site – you may find some gems.

Music licensing is restrictive, though. You can only use this free music in online projects: Youtube, websites, social media and podcats.

You are not allowed to use this free music in video games, TV, broadcasts, or CDs/DVDs.


The collection of free SFX is also impressive on Mixkit. The audio files come as .WAV. The bit rate is on the lower side, but it’s fine.

The licensing is permissive. You can use these free sound effects in commercial projects, Youtube videos, social media videos, video games, TV and radio.

Other categories

As for the other free categories, we like how the free Premiere Pro templates can be mogrt files. Working with morgt files is such a pleasure within Premiere Pro.

What’s the catch with Mixkit’s free assets?

We have mentioned that Mixkit is a product of Envato Elements, which is a mega library of creative assets. Mixkit is a website that Envato uses to attract internet users who search for “free videos”, “free footage”, “free music”. There is nothing wrong here as Mixkit delivers on the promise to provide free elements for video edits and beyond.

At the same time Mixkit is a platform for upselling to paid Envato products. As a result, you may see a lot of Envato banners and links on the site. We are actually ok with this strategy as users like us have a choice: a smaller library but free, or larger but for fee.

We also like the transparency of Mixkit. Before you download any free asset you know whether you can use this free element for personal projects only or both for personal and commercial projects. Another great point about Mixkit is that it’s one of the few free sites that does not require attribution. Just come, grab some free stuff, and use it away within the licensing permissions.

Mixkit has 6 types of licenses covering stock footage, music, SFX, video templates, art. While all the licenses are very permissive, they may have limitations and restrictions. Take a look:

Stock video license

Stock videos under this license can be used in a variety of projects:

  • YouTube videos
  • Social Media video posts
  • Online marketing ads
  • Educational purposes
  • Music videos
  • Commercial projects
  • Filmmaking
Stock video restricted license

Stock footage under this license is only limited to these use cases:

  • Personal Projects
  • Educational Purposes
  • Personal social media posts

You cannot use such footage in these projects:

  • Commercial Projects
  • Company Social Media posts
  • YouTube videos
Stock music free license

Mixkit’s music license is very permissive as you can use the stock music in:

  • Podcasts
  • Social Media video posts
  • Online marketing ads
  • Educational Purposes
  • YouTube videos

But you cannot use the free music in CDs & DVDs, TV and radio broadcasting, video games.

SFX free license

The SFX license covers the majority of use cases:

YouTube videos, Social Media video posts, Online marketing ads, Educational Purposes, Music videos
Commercial projects, Filmmaking. And even Video games, TV & Radio broadcasts, CDs & DVDs.

Video templates and art free licenses

These other two licenses cover all the use cases without restrictions, both online and offline.


Let’s also answer some other questions about Mixkit that we see asked:

Is Mixkit 100% free?

Yes, Mixkit is a massive trove of free creative elements. From free stock videos to music tracks, sound effects, and video templates, Mixkit offers a plethora of assets without any gating. You don’t need to sign up to download the free stuff. It’s all there, ready for you to grab and use within their licensing permissions.

Is Mixkit safe?

Mixkit is a product of Envato Elements, and it’s positioned as a source of completely free video and audio elements. We have been using this website for some time and we can confirm it is a safe platform for video enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Is Mixkit a legit site?

Even if it looks too good to be true, Mixkit is a legit site. Mixkit is a child of the popular Envato marketplace. Envato is using this site to provide free samples of footage, music, SFX to the creative community. If you like the free stuff on Mixkit and you need more of the same, Envato may be a good option to move to.

Can I use Mixkit for YouTube?

Yes, you can! According to Mixkit, you can use their stock music, footage, and video templates on YouTube as long as the licenses allow that. In the majority of use cases, you will be in the clear. The main restriction may come from the usage of their stock music.

Does Mixkit offer free images?

No, Mixkit does not offer free image. But it links it its free image site Reshot, where you can download thousands of free images and illustrations.

What video projects does Mixkit offer for free?

You can find free video templates and projects for use in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve.

How to use Mixkit Templates?

Mixkit offers a variety of free templates, including Premiere Pro templates, After Effects templates, and more. These templates are part of Mixkit’s impressive selection of free assets that are so useful for video pros and enthusiasts. Simply download the templates you like and use them within the licensing agreement that you can find on Mixkit. Working with Mixkit’s templates is a pleasure, especially with the mogrt files within Premiere Pro.

Our wish list about Mixkit

Since Mixkit is Envato’s project, we would like to see more deals and coupons from Envato featured on Mixkit. The generic 70% off messaging popping up may not be too attractive to upsell to premium assets. Mixkit may also show the free monthly freebie from Envato. Why not?

If Envato invests more in Mixkit in the future (which we hope it will), we’d like to see these improvements on the site:

Increased content variety: Adding more diverse content options, such as audio clips, graphics, and illustrations, can help creators find a wider range of free resources to use in their projects.

Enhanced search functionality: Improving the search functionality, such as adding filters and sorting options, can make it easier for creators to find the specific resources they need on Mixkit.

Regular updates: Regularly updating Mixkit with new content can keep creators engaged and coming back for more.

Improved content quality: the quality of content is important even these are free assets. We hope to see more curated collections on Mixkit.

In conclusion, Mixkit is a successful project that delivers on its promise and offers price-sensitive creators a good range of free elements to use in their video and audio projects. We hope to see this site grow and expand. We are also looking forward to seeing unique and seasonal deals and promos on this site and its parent company.

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