Free Wood Grain Textures

Download Over 70 Free Wood Grain Textures and Backgrounds

Looking for ways to spice up your videos and creative projects? Try wood grain textures and tree bark patterns as your backgrounds and overlays. Get started with these 70 free wood textures.

Wood is a beautiful material known for its rich texture and interesting patterns. Like other natural objects and phenomena – stone, fire, sky and clouds – wood is pleasant to look at. By being an engaging substance, wood grain images and videos can add value to any creative project. Whether you use wood visuals and footage as filters, overlays, or backgrounds, you probably need to have access to more elements that show wood surfaces.

Wood surrounds us. We have wood furniture, hardwood floors, wood utensils, and so on. Why not add some of that familiar feeling and look into an image or a scene? Luckily, there are tons of free resources offering to download free wood-themed elements.

In the list below you will find our collection of free wood texture images and footage (we three tree bark in the mix, too). We will also provide a list of free websites where you can download more free wood pattern visuals. Without further ado, let’s dive into these exciting freebies.

Download Free Wood Texture Backgrounds

If you are not familiar with the term “wood texture”, it refers to the degree of uniformity of a wood surface. Wood grain is used as a synonym to texture. But it focuses more on the direction of wood surface elements like spiral, wavy, straight.

Here you can download 70 free wood textures ranging from pine and maple to oak and walnut tree, from tree bark to painted and polished wood. These images were all taken with a Fuji X-T30, a 50mm Canon lens (manual focus), and Fuji’s native 15-45mm lens (auto-focus). A small batch of images were taken on a Samsung Galaxy S9. In the free collection of textures, you will find 70 hi-res images like these below:

You can download the free visuals by going to this shared folder. Download the images one by one or all together. You can use these visuals in any projects without restriction. No credit is necessary. If you decide to mention our site or link back to this collection, we will appreciate it.

Why would you need wood texture visuals and tree bark patterns? Well, wood surfaces are perfect static backgrounds. You add some text on top and use them as hero images in your blog posts. With some minimal image editing, you can even create beautiful thumbnails for social media and beyond. Here is how the walnut tree surface from our free collection turned into a digital ad.

We took this wood surface, full of imperfections.

After adding another image into the mix, applying some blurring, writing some text over the image, we got this:

Not bad? It only takes several minutes in your favorite image editor (here are a couple to try: Canva, Shutterstock Editor). Like any other textures, visuals with wood surfaces are universal and can be used for virtually any project.

Download Free Wood Texture Footage

You can download the same textures as free footage. Let’s start with the surfaces. You can download this video with 12 clips stitched together. The free footage is 1920×1080, 29.97fps. You can buy the same video in 4K on

Download the footage and clip the pieces that you need and like. The footage comes without audio.

Download the free tree bark surface here. The free footage is available in 1920×1080, 29.97fps.

You can use the above footage in personal and commercial projects without restriction. No credit is necessary.

Free Wood Texture Sites

We admit that our free collection of wood surfaces is small. You may need to check out other sites if you need more variety. Here is a list of free sites that offer more wood surfaces as static images and backgrounds.

Free Stock Textures has a nice collection of static images and photos representing wood patterns and grains. Images are easy to download without needing to create a new account.

Free Images

Here is another site – – that offers free wood images. Their collection is smaller, but it’s still impressive.


You have probably heard about Unsplash. This is a massive image library offering tons of free images. Their collection of free wood texture visuals is immense. Check it out, too.

In conclusion, download these free images and video clips with wood textures and tree bark patterns to make your creative projects different and more engaging. These elements serve as interesting backgrounds for web or graphic design. They can also be used as b-roll, when closeup footage is needed.

Need more textures and patterns, check out our collection of free stone and rock footage and images.

Disclaimer: retains the copyright for the free images and free footage mentioned here. We give you unlimited permission to use all these assets for both personal and commercial purposes without restriction. Credit and backlink are not necessary, but will be appreciated.

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