Free wedding titles for Premiere Pro

50+ Free Wedding Titles for Premiere and After Effects

Download free wedding titles to use in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Enhance your wedding video edits.

One of my friends is a wedding videographer. She asked about wedding titles for her videos. As a shortcut to this time-sensitive matter for her we directed her to Envato’s collection of wedding title video templates.

We also spent some time looking for free wedding titles for use in Premiere and After Effects. After reviewing several sites offering free titles, we built this list of free wedding title sources. We also passed this list of free resources to the friend. She was excited about these free titles as she hadn’t used any of the paid stuff by that time.

Let’s start by saying there are not too many good quality wedding titles offered for free. We tried to include only the stuff we’d use in our wedding videos. So here we got with our top of free wedding video assets.

8 Free Wedding Titles for Premiere

Free Premiere Pro titles for wedding videos

Mixkit has 6 free wedding title mogrt files and 2 Premiere projects that you can download for free. The titles are from minimalist to more complex. They are definitely worth downloading and using in your wedding videos.

50 Free Wedding Title Mogrts

This website has a collection of 50 free simple mogrt files with wedding titles. See the demo video on the site and decide if these titles are for you. The pack is hosted in a Google drive folder.

5 Free Wedding Titles for After Effects

Pond5 has a pack that includes 5 wedding titles that you can download for free and customize in After Effects. The pack also include 16 high-quality light leaks that are a good fit for wedding videos.

Free Wedding Title Presets

In this Google Drive folder you will find 50+ wedding title presets for your wedding video edits. They are all in a winrar archive.

Free Wedding Videographer Kit

PremiumBeat, one of the best royalty-free music sites in our list, has a solid (and free) wedding videographer kit. This kit includes 5 animated wedding badges that you can download for free. The kit also includes a bunch of other free goodies: wedding contract template, wedding marketing pack, wedding video gear checklist, wedding day shot list. Check that free kit out and download the freebies.

Creative Ideas to Use Free Wedding Titles

After you download free wedding titles, you may ask yourself what these titles will give to your wedding video projects.

Well, wedding titles can set the tone for the entire video and establish the context of the wedding. For example, a romantic title can help create a warm, loving mood, while a humorous title can set a more lighthearted and fun tone.

The well-written title can also help the audience understand what they’re about to watch, and what kind of event the wedding was.

Wedding titles provide a visual interest to the video, making it more appealing to watch. By using a creative title, bold colors, and animations, you can make the title eye-catching and add an extra level of sophistication to the wedding video.

Finally, wedding titles can be a valuable tool for storytelling. By using titles to introduce different segments of the video, or highlight key moments, you can help guide the audience through the story of the wedding day. This is important as it can help keep the viewer engaged and invested in the video from the start to the very end.

Other Resources for Wedding Videos

Here are some more valuable assets if you do wedding videography professionally:

Here is a collection of educational resources if you have a wedding video business:

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