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Download Over 90 Free Overlays For Video Edits

Need overlays for edits? Download 90+ free video overlays to enhance your creative projects. Fog, film grain, light, rays, and more overlays.

Before downloading these free overlays for use in Premiere Pro, Final Cut or DaVinci, let’s start with a couple of quick explanations about overlays used in video edits.

What are film and video overlays?

In photography, overlays are images or textures added as an additional layer to your main photo. You can easily do it in Photoshop.

In video editing, overlays, also called picture-in-picture effect, refer to two video clips sharing the same screen at the same time. One video or image is superimposed on the larger video.

Using overlays in your edits is an easy skill. Layering one clip on another is an interesting way to give your scenes a new look.

Let’s give a couple of examples of simple overlaying. If you deal with a seasonal scene, you might need to add fog or falling snow. Overlays are easy solutions to do it. Lighting overlays are helpful to change the mood of a scene. Say, you want to make it more romantic, a relevant overlay can help with that. When you talk video overlays, know that such overlays include a wide array of video assets. Lighting effects, patterns, glitches, film grains can all serve as overlays.

In our list we’ve collected an impressive amount of free video overlays. We also provide demo videos whenever possible. Check these free video assets and start downloading them today. Licensing on them is not restrictive. You can use the elements in your personal and commercial projects.

Download Free Video Overlays

Free 4K Fog Overlays

PremiumBeat, a well-know provider of royalty-free music, has a solid pack of 21 free 4K fog overlays. There is no catch here. The overlays are 100% free. You can use these overlays for scenes where you need fog and smoke. The free overlays are compatible with Premiere, FCP, and other NLEs.

The overlays come in 4K. The download file is almost 1Gb.

Two 6K Fog Overlays

FilmBodega has two completely free fog overlays that you can use in both personal and commercial projects.

The free pack includes 2 .mp4 files that you can use in your projects.

38 Free Overlays From Tuts & Reviews

Here you can find a cool collection of 38 free video overlays for filmmakers. Each overlay is presented as a standalone downloadable file. The above demo video shows what’s available for download.

5 Free Film Grains

Shutterstock, one of the leading stock asset libraries, has a small free film grain pack. It includes 5 free film grain overlays offered free of charge. The film grain overlays are available in 5 types: 8mm coarse grain, 16mm coarse grain, 35mm coarse grain, 35mm fine grain, distortion scratches.

7 Glitch Overlays For Video

Quice Media has 7 amazing glitch video overlays for your video projects. When you are on their page, scroll down to the download links.

16 Free 4K Light Overlays

Pond5, a popular stock video site, has a free pack with 14 volumetric light overlays and 2 dust elements. You can download these overlays for free as well. You will be able to add depth to your footage and motion graphics with this pack. The light overlays are compatible with Premiere, Final Cut, AE, and other NLEs.

Digital Distortion After Effects Template + 9 Free Distortion SFX

The same site – – has a free After Effects template. The pack includes a digital distortion template and 9 free distortion sound effects. There is no catch here – go straight to the page and download the pack. That’s a real steal!

15 Free God Ray Overlays

Download this free pack of free ray overlays from PremiumBeat. They are free volumetric light rays in 4K. You can use these elements in both personal and commercial projects.

How to use free video overlays in Premiere Pro?

  1. Import your footage into Premiere.
  2. Import the overlays too.
  3. Position your clip in the timeline and place the overlay on top of your footage in the V2 position.
  4. Select the overlay in the timeline and go to Effect Controls.
  5. In the dropdown menu find Blend Modes under Opacity.
  6. Select Overlay and your overlay will become transparent on to of your clip in the timeline.

How to use free video overlays in Final Cut?

The steps are similar to Premiere.

  1. Import your clips and layer them in the timeline.
  2. On the top right find the blend mode dropdown menu.
  3. Select Overlay and adjust opacity to your liking.

Need more free elements for video? Check out our list:

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