Free video backgrounds for websites

Download 1000s of Stunning Free Video Backgrounds for Websites

Video backgrounds make websites look modern and more engaging. You can use your own footage as a video background. You can also download 1000s of free video backgrounds from these 4 websites.

Whether you are building a site on WordPress, Shopify, or other web builders like Wix or Squarespace, you may be tempted to add a video as a header on your homepage or other landing pages. You can always use your own footage, but you can also consider professionally made video clips that are available for download for free.

What are video backgrounds for websites?

Video backgrounds or background videos are short, looping snippets of video which play on webpages (often on the homepage or landing pages). Background videos elevate the quality of the web page compared to static imagery. Video backgrounds make the page look more dynamic, more interesting, and more engaging.

Why use video backgrounds on webpages?

Webmasters may not always like video backgrounds, but marketers love video backgrounds. Videos playing on the background create a sense of artistry that static image backgrounds cannot match up to.

Conversion optimization experts say that they see higher conversion rates on the pages with video elements. In other words, video backgrounds may help drive more conversions like leads, signups, and, hopefully, sales.

Video background is useful when you want to create a new vibe, or set a tone and send an emotional signal to the viewer of your web page.

Download free video backgrounds

We have 4 resources of stunning video clips that you can use as video backgrounds on your website.

Free video backgrounds on

Download hundreds of quality video clips from this free site that offers different assets for video. Their footage collection is impressive and you can get 1000s of clips without paying.

Free video backgrounds from Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a leading stock video library. It’s a paid site, but they tend to have free video collections from time to time. Here is a valuable free video collection from Shutterstock – it includes 16 completely free clips that you can also use as video backgrounds.

Free video clips from Pond5

Pond5 emails 1 free video clip per week to all their subscribers. Sign up to receive their emails and get a free clip every week.

Free video backgrounds from

This is a small stock video site that has a good collection of interesting video clips. All their clips in HD are free (you will need to sign up to download them). They also have free video collections like this free flower video one. Use their nature videos or flower videos as video backgrounds on your site or web pages.

How to use video backgrounds on your site

Let’s talk about several tips that you need to go by when you deal with video backgrounds for web.

Use video backgrounds with a purpose

Yes, you want to make sure that you choose the video that’s in line with the message on your page. If your page is about fitness, don’t choose a coffee bean video. If you are a perfume brand, pick videos that help send signals about your product.

Video backgrounds should stay in the background

Don’t allow your video backgrounds to compete with your content. Make sure that the video is not too flashy. The video background is supposed to supplement your webpage.

Keep to smaller video files

Your site’s page load time is an important factor for both SEO and onsite user experience. If your video background file is too large, it will have a negative impact on the page’s loading speed.

The rule of thumb is to keep video background files 5-10 second long and below 5Mb. If don’t want to go too low (under 1Mb) because the quality of the video will be bad. Staying between 3-5Mb should be sufficient to ensure good video quality.

Loop your videos

Your website should allow looping video backgrounds. You don’t want the background video to play for 5 seconds and stop. Such an experience for your viewer may not be ideal.

Use video without audio

All the stock video clips we refer you to above have no audio. If you use your own footage as video background on your site, make sure you removed the audio track before uploading the video file to your website.

Hide video controls

Certain sites may give you the option to show the video controls. For video backgrounds you need to hide this option. The video background is meant to provide motion on the page to make it more dynamic. You may only opt to have 1 simple play/stop control that some CMS may have for the video header. In this case it’s ok.

Need more free video elements? Check out these great resources on our site:

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