Free typography and text templates

Free Typography Templates for Premiere Pro and After Effects

Download free typography, typeface packs, and text effects templates to build your own collection of cool and practical animated types.

If you are looking for new typography ideas, take a look at this list of free typography templates and text effects. You can download them for use in either Premiere Pro or After Effects.

In our list you will find 5 free animated typefaces and 70+ title and text effects templates.

About Typography, Typeface, and Text Effects

Let’s talk about the basics first. See the difference between typography, typeface, and text effects.

Typography is about adjusting the text within a design so that it stands out and has an impact on the viewer. It focuses on the appearance and consistency of letters, characters, and numbers that we can perceive as attractive and engaging.

Typeface is just a group of letters, numbers, characters that share the same design. For example, Arial and Times New Roman are typefaces, but 14pt Arial Semi-Bold is a font.

Finally, text effects are animations like text swipes or text glitches.

Free Typefaces

We are starting with the list of free animated typefaces. You can watch the trailers for each of the free typeface and decide whether it’s a good one for your project.

Free Hand Painted Animated Typeface

This free animated typeface includes the letters of the alphabet in two different weights with a hand-painted and posterized wiggle effect. This free typeface is compatible with Premiere Pro and After Effects. Download it here.

NEON: free animated Text Typeface

This free animated typeface includes all 26 letters of the English alphabet, pre-rendered with alpha channel (.mov), numbers 0-9, pre-rendered with alpha channel (.mov), After Effects project file (.aep) for customization. Download it here.

Free Animated Helvetica Neue Template

Free After Effects Template: Animated Font

This free typography template includes: all 26 letters of the English alphabet, all single digit numbers 0-9, 7 basic animated punctuation marks. Download this pack here.

Gilbert: Free Typeface Template for AE

This is a free typeface inspired by the design language of the iconic Rainbow Flag. AE project is included. Get this typeface here.

Film Bodega: Free Thin Hand Drawn Font

Film Bodega introduced a brand-new pack full of hand drawn, animated fonts and symbols. You can get a free font from this pack right here.

Franchise: Free Typeface for AE

Franchise Animated is an animated typeface by 1 type designer and 110 animators. AE project is included. Get it here.

Mobilo: Free Typeface

This is another interesting free typeface for After Effects. All its letters and numbers have 3 unique variants. AE project is included. Download it here.

Free Animated Title Templates

Here we have collected a list of free title animations for use in Premiere Pro and After Effects. They range from AE project files to motion graphics templates (mogrts). Dive in and download what’s appealing to you.

10 Free Texture Title Animations

Download these free grunge style MOGRT files for Adobe Premiere Pro. This free pack from PremiumBeat includes 10 textured title animations presented in a gritty style.

Free Rounded Titles for After Effects

Add clean, modern-looking animated graphics to your video with this free AE template. The pack includes many different styles of graphics, from titles to lower thirds to general text on screen. Download it here.

21 Free Motion Graphics for Premiere

This is another free pack from PremiumBeat. It includes 8 customizable animated text titles, 13 clean and modern transitions with customizable colors, .AE project file for customization. Download it here.

Free Horror Title Templates

This free horror title template from FilmBodega is for use in Premiere Pro. This mogrt file includes a rich array of controls and options. Download it for free here.

40 Animated Title Templates from Mixkit

Mixkit, a popular free asset site, has a small collection of simple AE title templates. These 40 title templates are free to download and use in personal and commercial projects.

5 Free Animated Wedding Badges

Along with all the freebies in this videography guide, you will find a neat pack of 5 free animated wedding badges. The badges are at the bottom of the wedding videography guide.

Free animated typography should be a great way to build your own collection of animation elements to use in video edits. Download these free collections and use them as needed. If you need more free video assets, check out these lists on our site:

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