Download Over 30 Free Stone and Rock Textures for Video and Beyond

Whether you need rock surfaces, pebbles and rubble stone, here are 20+ free stone textures and 11 free stone and rock video clips. Download for free.

Rocks and stone surfaces have always intrigued me because of their unpredictable patterns. I find stone and rock formation beautiful, and somewhat soothing. And I am not alone in my admiration about rocks and stones. Think about how much “stone” surrounds us in our everyday life. We have granite tabletops, kitchen and bathroom tiles mimicking stone patterns, brick facades and walls, to name just a few.

Rock also preserves a lot of history for us. Geologic formations can explain a lot about how our planet was formed, what life existed millions of years ago, what volcanoes were active in the past. It’s the realm of specialists, of course, who analyze and classify rocks and rock formations. It’s still nice to contemplate stone patterns and eventually use stone textures and visuals of rocks in our projects.

My free collection of stone and rock textures comes from a long roadtrip to the Gaspe peninsula in Quebec, Canada. That part of Canada is known for 5 geologic formations that came into being several millions years ago. This explains why that region has everything a tourist would wish for: canyons, mountains, cliffs, rocks, hills, deep blue ocean.

Back to the rocks. The free stone textures were all shot with a Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone in 4K, under the normal day conditions, without any additional lighting. The visuals and the videos were not colored. So you can use them as you see fit: color grade, change, crop, resize. Use them in any projects online or offline. I will be happy if you link back to this texture collection as a thank-you!

Free Stone and Rock Textures and Images

This free collection of stone textures includes 29 high-res images with several stone and rock textures. You will find a couple of beautiful rubble stone views in it. I also included a good bunch of textures of sedimentary rocks (fault rock, clastic rock, soapstone, shale rock). There is also a visual of sea gravel.

Download this free collection of stone textures from this shared folder. You can download images one by one or download them all. The total size of the images is slightly over 60Mb.

Here is a quick preview of what you can expect to find in the folder with these free stone texture images.

Free Stone and Rock Texture Footage

If you need stone texture video clips and you don’t mind stabilizing the footage a little in your NLE, you can get some of the same textures as free footage.

Over 10 video clips of the same stone and rock textures were stitched into this video. You can download the footage in FHD (1920×1080, 30fps, 62Mb) for free by click on Download Free Footage below. If you need the source video file in 4K (4K, 30fps, 583Mb), you can download it on for a small fee.

After downloading the free footage of textures, you can clip as you see fit. Use the free footage in any project without restriction. Linking back to this post will be appreciated.

Bonus: Free Stone Wall Texture Video

If you got to this part of our free collection of free stone textures, here is one more for you. You can download this stone wall texture video for free in HD. The source file also lives on StockVideoSecrets.

Using Free Stone Textures

Our free stone textures are probably just a beginning in your journey of designs that include rock and stone patterns. Using stone textures will always give an interesting visual appeal to your designs and videos.

Nature offers unique designs for absolutely nothing in return. So let’s use these options to make our creative work so much more engaging.

A stone texture can help with a range of graphic design projects. Here it’s all about the right fit. Think about rocks in terms of the smoothness and rhythms of their patterns. Also consider the sophistication of the overall view, while not forgetting about parts of the natural design that can be zoomed in and used as such.

Interesting stone textures can serve as great background images on web pages. With some text over a stone texture, the visual can turn into an interesting header image for a blog post.

Videos of stone patterns and textures can be used as simple b-roll or video backgrounds.

In conclusion, stone and rock textures may offer new interesting designs and patterns that you may want to use in your projects. Download these free assets for free and use them away in your work.

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Disclaimer: retains the copyright for the free images and videos mentioned in this blog posts. gives you unlimited permission to use all these assets for both personal and commercial purposes without restriction. Credit and backlink are not necessary, but will be appreciated.

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