Free Food Footage from Stock Video Secrets

Free Video Backgrounds and Stock Videos with Foods

We have partnered up with Stock Video Secrets to bring 7 completely free video clips with foods. We also list several other sources of free video backgrounds and footage.

If you are working on video projects that need short scenes with foods in the focus, here are several high-value sources of video clips with foods and drinks that you can download for free. Let’s start with Stock Video Secrets.

Stock Video Secrets’ Food Footage

Stock Video Secrets, a stock video site, is offering seven stock video clips with different foods. You can download these video clips from our site. When you click on the Download button below each video, the download will start immediately. Stock Video Secrets allows using these clips in both personal and commercial projects without limitation. You can alter and use the clips as you want in your edits. The site does not allow redistribution and reselling of the clips. The full licensing agreement is available here.

Without further ado, let’s jump to these free video clips. You will be able to download these free clips with one clicks right here. If you need source video files, head over to Stock Video Secrets and get the footage for free (including source footage files).

Free club sandwich and French fries video

Download this free video featuring a yummy sandwich club with some French fries and coleslaw salad. The free download comes in 1920×1020 or UHD resolution.

Free freshly cut avocado video

Download this free video featuring freshly cut avocadoes. You can download the UHD clip right here.

Free grating cheese video

Need a closeup of cheese grating? No problem, download this HD clip (1280 x 720) for your needs.

Free video of beer being poured in a glass

Download this video clip for free below. The clip is HD (1280×720).

Free video of bagels with sesame seeds

This free HD bagel footage is available for download in the 1280×720 aspect ratio.

Free video of choose a banana from a bundle

Need a scene with bananas? Why not download this HD clip for free and use in your edit?

Free frying bacon video

A little greasy, but, nevertheless, appetizing. This free video clip is available for download in UHD (1920×1020). Download below.

More Free Food Footage from Stock Video Secrets

Stock Video Secrets has over 20 food video clips in their Foods collection. You can download these videos for free by choosing either Standard or HD size on their respective video clip pages. No sign up is needed.

More Sites with Free Food Footage

These 7 clips may not offer enough variety to your editing projects and beyond. If you need more food footage and you want it for free, here are some high-quality sites to consult.

Free Food Videos on Mixkit

Mixkit has a massive collection of free video clips, video backgrounds, and footage with foods ready for download. All the 1,000+ videos are free. In addition, you can check their free Drink and Restaurant video collections. They are great to explore too!

Free Food Backgrounds on Pexels

Pexels has several collections of free footage and video backgrounds related to foods: Cooking, Healthy Food, Foods. All the videos in these collections are HD, which is sufficient for any online use, including website backgrouds.

How to use these free video clips with food scenes

Using these clips in your edits is simple.

  • Download the free food video clips in a folder of your preference on your computer or smartphone.
  • Opening your video editor.
  • Add these clips to the editing timeline in the positions of your choice.
  • Add filters and coloring of your preference.

If you need more free video clips, go to Stock Video Secrets’ collections of free clips:

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