Free Gardening Sound Effects

Download 50+ Free Outdoor Gardening Sound Effects

Searching for high-quality garden and backyard sounds? Check out this collection of free gardening sounds and free SFX resources.

Outdoor sounds are difficult to get. The humming and buzzing world blends so many sounds together. Whether you are recording in your backyard or your garden, you know how much effort is needed to clean and isolate each specific outdoor sound. As a shortcut, check out our collection of free sounds. Here you have access to several sources of free outdoor sounds, including gardening and backyard SFX and nature sounds.

What are gardening sounds?

Gardening sounds have their own specific character. They are a mix of outdoor human activity and nature sounds. A scene with a working water sprinkler on a lawn will never include only the device’s sound. Watering usually happens at sunset, and summer evenings emit a range of familiar sounds: insect chirping, bird singing, people’s remote voices. A combination of such sounds will be perfect for such a simple lawn watering video.

The same is valid for leaf blowing, lawn mowing, ground digging. Isolated sounds are great to have. But you will not achieve the right effect if you don’t combine them.

When you need outdoor sounds, you need a variety of sounds. In the case of gardening and backyard video scenes, you need to use a combination of activity sounds (running water, working devices) with ambient nature sounds.

Free gardening sound effects

In our collection of free outdoor gardening sound effects, we list resources that help you find the perfect combination of sounds for outdoor scenes.

15 free gardening sounds from Shutterstock

In this small collection of gardening sounds, you will find a good variety of sounds. From bird chirping to wind blowing, from digging and drilling to lawn mowing and leaf rustling – this collection includes 15 sounds in WAV. The pack is over 120 Mb. These sounds are free to use in personal and commercial projects.

Nature sounds from Edinburgh Records

This site has an interesting collection nature and outdoor ambiance sounds in their Free Downloads section. You can get sounds of bird chirping, snow falling, forest ambiance, falling rain. Download the free sounds here.

Garden sounds from

This collection of 20 free garden sounds is accessible when you log in on the site. The quality of the sounds is high, which should be sufficient for the majority of online use cases. The audio files are .mp3. You can use these sound effects with attribution, see their licensing agreement.

14 garden sounds from Mixkit

This small collection of 14 garden-related sound effects is free for grabs on Mixkit. Download these sounds and use them online without attribution (Youtube, social media, online training). The site also allows to use these SFX in commercial projects.

How to use free gardening sound effects

Adding sounds effects to your video edits is simple. You need to use the same approach that you use for importing audio files into your timeline.

  1. Download free SFX to a folder of your choice on your computer.
  2. Open your video editing application.
  3. Import the needed sounds into your project via “Import Media” in your video editor.
  4. Add the needed sounds to your timeline.

If you need more free sound effects, check out these curated collections of free sounds:

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