7 Best Sites to Get Free Merry Christmas Images and Clipart

Searching for free Merry Christmas images, clipart and cards? You’ve come to the right place. Check out these 7 sites and get Christmas imagery for free. What’s your choice here? Well, we’re talking over 100,000 images to download for free. And we’re not kidding. Read on to get the details and download links.

We have listed the best photo, clipart and icon libraries that offer Christmas visuals for free. When it’s time for Merry Christmas wishes, you may need visuals with Christmas trees, decorations, wreath, and other relevant attributes. You may also look for festive backgrounds, illustrations with Christmas borders, and holiday-themed icons.

You shouldn’t just go to Google and search for winter holiday images with the purpose of downloading the visuals right there. Instead you can check the below sites that offer free Christmas visuals like festive photos, illustrations, or cards. These sites allow using the visuals in both personal and commercial projects.

What Are Free Christmas Visuals?

Any visual that you can download for free (with the permission of the webiste) can be considered a free visual asset or a free image. Such images with objects or attributes about Christmas will fall into the category of winter holiday visuals. Christmas cards, Merry Christmas greetings, Christmas eve scenes, Christmas wreath and other similar phenomena make such static imagery Christmas-y.

Here are our top 7 websites and pages where you can download such images completely for free. Let’s dive in!

Free Christmas Images on Shutterstock

Shutterstock is the top site in our list. This is a popular stock library that has millions of images and videos. Even though this is a paid library, Shutterstock has several valuable collections of Christmas material that you can get for free. From templates to free images, from clipart to Christmas card, see what this library has to offer for free below.

Start with this free collection of 40+ Christmas images. Download this collection with one click, no registration is needed.

Then move to these exciting mini-collections on the Shutterstock blog. Their blog team is productive in creating such exciting things like this Free Winter Clipart Pack, Scandinavian Christmas Clipart Pack, Free Holiday Cards with a Tech Twist.

You can also download these 8 Free Holiday Vector Patterns. Continue to the Free Christmas Cliparts, Free Merry Christmas Cards, and then grab some free Christmas fonts:

In addition, check out their newest holiday freebie, which includes several free Christmas card templates. Download this free pack here and check out how to use it.

100+ Christmas Images on Freepik

This free site has thousands of holiday illustrations and photos. Here is an interesting free Christmas photo collection. If you use Freepik images, you need to provide an attribution to the source.

20,000 Christmas Images on Pexels

Image via Luna Lovegood from Pexels.

Pexels is another popular free image site. It has tons of Christmas visuals. Browse all the Christmas stuff here and find those perfect free Merry Christmas scenes in no time.

1000s of Free Christmas Photos and Vectors on Pixabay

Pixabay features over 19,000 free Christmas images. It also has over 2,000 free Christmas vectors. The Pixabay license is very permissive. So you can use these visuals in personal and commercial projects.

70,000+ Free Christmas Icons on Iconfinder

If you need free holiday icons, head over to Iconfinder. This site lists over 70,000 icons that you can use in both graphic and video projects.

10,000 Christmas Images on Unsplash

Unsplash also has thousands of Merry Christmas cards, holiday backgrounds, snow images, Xmas tree decoration, and more. Explore their holiday collection and download what you need for your project.

400+ Christmas Images on StockSnap.io

Stock Snap has over 400+ high-quality photos about Christmas that you can download for free and use in both personal and commercial projects. Make sure to scroll down that list to find real gems.

Christmas static imagery is easy to get on the web. But you should only download licensable assets for your projects, esp. if they are commercial. Licensed media will help avoid any takedown notices from the rights’ owners in the future.

Before download check the licensing agreement, then go to the site’s search and start by searching for “Christmas”. Then refine your search with more precise things that you may need: “Christmas tree”, “Decorations for Christmas Tree”, “12 Days of Christmas” and so on.

If you need more Christmas related media for video or podcasts, check out these other two lists on our site:

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