Free Sci-Fi Video Assets

Download 70+ Free HUDs, Futuristic Video Assets, and Sci-Fi SFX

Searching for video elements for sci-fi themes and scenes? We’ve got you covered with this collection of free assets. From HUDs to futuristic computer screens, from space SFX to fantastic backgrounds, download them here.

This collection of free elements includes several valuable packs filled with HUDs, space sounds, futuristic elements, hi-tech backgrounds for video. The collections that we present below are available for use in both personal and commercial projects. See the details next to each pack and start downloading the free stuff.

What are Sci-Fi Elements?

Sci-fi video elements include HUDs, generated screens, space footage and sounds, and relevant video overlays. Such elements help create that futuristic look and feel that build images of the future, fantasy and dystopic worlds. Dig into this free stuff and add a new artistic twist to your videos.

Two Free Space Environments

These two free sample clips come from Shutterstock’s Nephos, a pack of space environments organically captured in full 4K. With the permission of the brand, you can download the space environments for free and use in your projects. If you are interested to get the whole pack, you can get it here with 15% off (use promo code: FFF15 at checkout).

The free sample space environments are located in a shared One drive folder. You can access the folder on your desktop and download the two video clips on to your computer.

19 Free 4K Space Backgrounds

This free pack from Pond5 includes 19 stunning space backgrounds for use in FCPX, Premiere Pro, DaVinci. The elements come in 4K. You can download this free pack without any signup on the Rocketstock site.

These free space assets are good for use in both personal and commercial projects.

Two Free Sci-Fi HUDs

HUDs are an indispensable part of any video scenes depicting new technologies. This tutorial provides 10 practical tips for creating sci-fi HUDs in After Effects. The free pack includes two free HUD elements and assets from Shutterstock’s Interface HUD pack (get 15% off with FFF15).

Download the free elements and follow the steps in the tutorial. Very useful if you are working in After Effects!

40+ Free Space Textures

Here is another super valuable free pack from PremiumBeat that includes over 40 free space textures.

The free space pack includes 13 organically created space atmospheres, 13 nebulas and galaxies, 21 realistic star fields. All good for use in personal and commercial projects.

Free Red HUD Lower Third

This free lower third After Effects project represents a futuristic HUD. Download it for free on Mixkit.

Use this free AE project to try your hand at adding lower thirds. For more free lower thirds, check out our free collection.

Free Computer Screen Template

Get this free mogrt template that will allow to generate computer screens in your video. It’s useful for video scenes with technology. Download the free screen generator template here.

29 Free Futuristic Computer and HUD Sounds

This free SFX collection from Premiumbeat (royalty-free music library) includes 29 free sounds. The pack includes the following sounds: cursor clicks, alarms, beeps, scanners, risers, digital keypad.

The sound effects can be downloaded with one click.

Here are more relevant free collections and packs that will help to enrich your futuristic scenes:

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