Free Halloween Sound Effects

Download 100s of Free Halloween Sound Effects

Looking for free Halloween sounds? This handpicked collection of scary sounds includes ghost whispers, female horror screams, forest noises, and more. Download Halloween-themed sounds for free.

Horror sounds see the peak of their popularity before Halloween. If you are reading this post, it’s again that time of the year. You’re probably here because you need such special sounds! As Halloween costumes are being readied and candy is being bought, tons of scary and spooky videos are being worked on. Whether it’s a video for YouTube or social media, an internal corporate reel, or ad about kid safety during trick-o-treating, Halloween sounds are an important part of making a video scene send shivers to the viewer.

The Internet is full of free sound effects. But you may have trouble finding high-quality Halloween sounds effects, especially if you want them for free. In our collection of scary background sound effects and music, you will find 8 specialized sites that offer 100s of spooky sounds and sound packs, from screams to whispers and beyond. What’s cool is that they are all 100% free!

A Halloween SFX is a sound which intends to scare the listener. These sounds include hair-rising and spine-chilling sound combinations from male and female horror screams to ghost whispers and tense ambiences. When you include such noises and sounds in videos, the effect is guaranteed: the viewer or the listener will hear the terrifying vibes and feel the fearful atmosphere.

Free Halloween sounds effects may have certain limitations. Some sites may allow to use Halloween SFX for personal projects only. In our list of free horror and scary sounds we only include sites that allow using their sounds in both personal and commercial projects. Let’s get started.

30 Horror Sounds Effects from Pond5 Blog

Free Horror Sound Effects Pack

This free horror pack has already become classic. You can download it for free on Rocketstock and use in any projects. This pack includes several distinct sounds, including ghostly whispers and shrill screams.

30+ Halloween and Horror Sounds from Mixkit

Mixkit Free Scary and Spooky sounds

Mixkit has a rich collection of free horror sounds. Unlike the free music on Mixkit, you can use their free sounds in personal and commercial projects. You can browse through the free horror sounds including scary forest noises and terror sounds.

20+ Scary Sounds from Videvo

Videvo Halloween Pack

Videvo has a massive pack of 50+ elements that includes 20 free SFX with spooky and scary sounds. When you’re on the Videvo page, go to the Audio tab and start downloading the free sounds for your creative projects.

Free Trailer SFX Pack from PremiumBeat

We included this free sound pack from PremiumBeat in our Halloween collection for a specific reason. This free pack includes over 20 cinematic-quality sounds, which are dark risers and sweeping slams. These sounds are extremely handy for building tension in video scenes.

80 Cinematic Atmospheres from PremiumBeat

Here is another free sound pack from PremiumBeat. This one includes several ambience sound effects that can help create tension and fear in your scenes.

Vintage Sounds Effects from PremiumBeat

Finally, we have this other free pack from the same site. This free SFX pack from PremiumBeat includes several risers, 5 ambience sounds and a bunch of glitch sounds. Download them all for free (over 200Mb).

Free Screams and Yells

Fesliya Studios has a collection of free scream and yell sounds. The free collection includes funny screams, male screams, female screams, horror screams, and much more. Download for free. The site only asks for a donation if you decide to use the free sounds in commercial projects.

50+ Free Halloween Sounds From Partner in Rhyme

Partner in Rhyme has collected over 50 free Halloween-themed sounds that you can download here. The quality is from ok to very good.

20+ Free Horror and Suspect Music Tracks from Pond5

Pond5 has a free collection of video assets that we talked about. Their free music collection includes a nicely curated section of free horror music. You can download free music tracks and clip them as needed in your timeline. To get the free Halloween music on Pond5, you will need to have an account and will need to go through their checkout process. No payment method is needed to get their free music.

Small Collection of Zombie and Ghost Sounds

Shockwave Sound has a collection of free horror sounds. You can download over 30 free sounds including screams, witch cackle, death scream, wolf howling. Check out these sounds here and download with one click.

Free Collection of Terrified Scream Sounds

Sound Fishing has 5 free scream sounds in their collection of royalty-free SFX. Download the MP3 sounds marked as FREE.

Whether you are after spooky ambiences or scary screams, you should be able to find what you need for free in one of these SFX collections. Set up a Halloween SFX folder on your computer and download these sounds for your upcoming projects or for future reference.

If you need more Halloween-themed video assets beyond SFX, check out our free collection of horror elements. We included free horror footage, scary animated titles, and more in this unique list of video elements.

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