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5 Best Stock Video Sites to Get Free Green Screen Footage

Looking for free green screen videos for your edits? Check out these best 5 video libraries to get free green screen footage.

Green screen or chroma key is used when you want to replace the background of a video with another background. Green screen is an excellent solution to create breath-taking scenes without any expensive setup or location. Why go to exotic places if you can just swap the background?

The use of green screens in video making has come a long way over the last several decades. If green screens were once a technique reserved for film studios, today any filmmaker or a beginner Youtuber can shoot footage on green screen.

If you are reading these lines, you are not here to learn about how to shoot green screen video. You are probably here to get green screen footage for your video project. We have a solid collection of free resources for you to download free stock footage.

We will start with quick definitions you’d need to know about green screens. Then we will go into the best 5 stock video sites to download green screen footage. After that we will provide several useful resources explaining about how to key a green screen scene in your video editing software. Let’s get started!

Terms about Green Screen Videos You Should Know

Here are a couple of terms for us to define before jumping to the free footage.

Green screen refers to any colored background that you want to make transparent or remove from your footage. The background is usually green, but can be blue.

Chroma key is sometimes interchangeable with green screen. It is the actual technique of compositing two images based on color hues.

Keying is the process of removing green screen background in your video scene. After removing the background, you can fill the transparent area with any other video or image. Keying is done using your video editing program.

Spill is the reflection of the green screen on the object in the video scene with green screen. Spill is a preventable thing.

Best Sites Offering Free Green Screen Footage

We’ve chosen these top 5 stock video sites based on the following criteria:

  • a good choice of free green screen footage
  • permissive license allowing to use such footage in personal and commercial products
  • easiness to download without lengthy signup processes

Here are our top sites where you can download green screen video clips in no time.

Mixkit: Download Over 150 Free Clips

Mixkit takes the top of our list. The site offers over 100 high-quality video clips with green screen. Mixkit’s video license is extremely permissive. You can use these videos in commercial projects, in films and more. You still need to pay attention to the license as some videos have a restricted license.

The free green screen video collection on Mixkit offers a good variety of clips with and without people. The videos are .mp4 files. The free videos are usually in HD.

Pexels: Get 100s of Free Green Screen Clips

Pexels is our next favorite. The site has a good selection of free green screen video clips. The license allows using the footage in online videos. The only weakness of this site is their search. You need to try different searches to find what you need.

Videvo: Download 400+ Free Green Screen Clips

Video is another good source of free green screen footage for your video edits. The site has over 400 free clips that you can download with one click. Video licensing is a little complicated even if these are free videos. The site has 6 video licenses that you need to check so that you know for sure how you can use the free footage.

Videezy: Explore 1000s Free Green Screen Background Videos

Videezy counts over 20,000 free video clips that populate for searches like “green screen” and “green background”. Not all these video clips are true green screen footages. It’s still worth checking this collection of free videos. The license is not too clear, though. You seem to be able to use this free footage in commercial projects, but the site invites to buy a license to be sure you’re in the clear.

Pond5: Find Several Free Green Screen Clips

Pond5 has a solid collection of free footage. The free abstract videos include several free green screen clips that you download for free. The only caveat is that you will need to sign up for a free account or log in if you have an account. You can download for free without needing any payment method added.

How to Key Green Screen Footage

Let’s look into the keying options in the most popular NLEs like DaVinci, Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCPX.

Take a look at these detailed step-by-step tutorials to perform keying in the above video editors (courtesy of PremiumBeat):

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