Free glass textures and overlays

Download 150+ Free Glass Textures for Video (Paid Options Included)

Looking for glass textures to use in your videos? Take a look at our collection of free glass textures. Download these collections below and use them in your creative projects.

How useful are glass textures?

Glass textures offer a range of surfaces from smudges and dust to water spots and beyond. These textures are usually real glass surfaces that were used to take realistic and authentic shots. By using these HD assets can help enhance your scenes and add a new creative twist to your work.

Free glass textures

Scroll down to find the valuable free glass textures. Download the free packs into the folder of your choice and start using them in your projects.

25 free dirty glass textures

Premiumbeat, a popular stock music site, has a great pack of free glass textures. These high-resolution textures come as 5184×3456 images. The HD versions – 1920×1080 are also included if you don’t need high-res images for your project.

PremiumBeat allows using these free glass textures for both personal and commercial projects. Download the free pack here.

700+ free glass surface images

If you check this collection of glass images on Unsplash, you will find over 700 free images with everything a glass surface could be: different textures, smears, water, finger prints. Take a look and download the free image of your choice.

100s of free glass photos

Pixabay has tons of free glass images like this one. Search on their site and download free images without registering on the site.

Paid glass textures

If the free textures are not enough for your projects or the choice is limited, you can always consider paid packs or paid libraries.

Almost “free” glass textures on Shutterstock

Well, the glass textures on Shutterstock are not necessarily free. You can try their free trial that offers the first 10 images for free. This will allow you to get several glass textures for free. You can then decide if you still want to use the stock image library.

Glass textures on Shutterstock

If you need a long-term subscription, you can also sign up with the 10% discount by using the promo code: SS10 at checkout. You can also use our exclusive promo code: FFF15 to get 15% off throughout 2022.

Abstract glass pack

Abstract glass textures

This abstract glass pack goes for $25. It includes 37 uncompressed images that you can use in both static image and video projects.

Envato glass textures

Envato has a lot of offer if you need glass textures. You can always check their free stuff before signing up for a paid plan.

Envato free glass textures with 7-day trial

For example, this free pack of glass textures (4 high-res images included) is available for free if you sign up for a 7-day trial. No strings attached!

How to use glass textures in video

Now that you have some glass textures downloaded to your computer, where do you start and how do you use them?

You can start by using the glass textures as overlays and backgrounds in your videos. You can use these textures in the Screen and Multiply blending modes in Premiere Pro or FCPX. You can also try the textures with Luma Matte or Alpha to construct cool titles.

If you plan to use glass textures in Premiere Pro as overlays, follow these easy steps:

  1. Import your footage into Premiere Pro.
  2. Import the glass overlay of your choice.
  3. Position your clip into the timeline.
  4. Position the glass overlay on top of your footage.
  5. Select your glass overlay.
  6. In the Effects tab, go to Opacity and toggle Blend Modes.
  7. Select Overlay and your glass overlay will be transparent on top of your clip.
  8. Copy the glass overlay clip and paste along your timeline.

If you have plans to do some animations in, say, After Effects, the glass textures will be useful to that end. Follow this video tutorial to learn how to do that.

If you need more free textures, check out these free collections:

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