6 Sources of Absolutely Free Fruit Pictures, Backgrounds, and Footage

Looking for fruit image and video backgrounds? Start with these six collections of free fruit pictures and video clips.

Fruits and veggies add fresh color to visuals and footage. Their bright textures, rugged surfaces, delicious slices can easily engage the viewer. The quick recognition and familiarity that they bring about help create simple, but memorable impressions. This is why elements with fruits and vegetables are so popular. You can find them in online articles, on magazine covers, in social media posts,. Fruit patterns and textures are universal backgrounds. They also serve as great b-roll (think about recipe videos!). Whether it’s on a website or a video, fruit pictures and footage are sure bets.

The Internet has millions of images with fruits and vegetables. Just look at the stock image and video libraries alone! Before rushing to pay for such assets, let’s take a look at these 6 websites that offer fruit pictures, veggie backgrounds, and footage for free.

In the free collections below you will find thousands of fruit pictures and backgrounds. Plus you will be able to grab tens of fruit-themed video clips. Before downloading these elements, let’s spend a couple of minutes talking about how to choose a good static image or video with fruits.

How to choose a good background with fruits and veggies

Here are these 4 tips when you choose a good fruit background image or footage.

Choose uncluttered visuals and video

In our free collections you will come across a lot of images and videos with compositions that include different types of fruit and vegetables. Photographers and videographers must have wanted to jam more into their pieces. At times their work is amazing. But in certain cases too much color and too many elements may create clutter. If the image or video look too busy to you, it will to your viewer or client, too.

Use subtle and seamless textures

With fruit and veggie textures you will deal with a lot of imperfections. Mother nature is not too good to create symmetric lines and patterns. But she knows how to show harmony. So go for this harmony in pictures of fruit. Look for subtlety, soft lining, less ruggedness in the elements with fruits, plants, trees.

Consider the multi-screen experience

If you create for the web, choose your fruity patterns with different screens in mind. Your element of choice (mostly visuals) should look similar on both large and small screens.

Choose big and crop after

Go for high res images and 4K resolution for video. Larger assets allow to crop. You can then use parts of the visuals or footage that match your project’s needs.

Now let’s jump into the free stuff.

Download free fruit backgrounds and images

We have chosen 3 collections of quality photos that you can use as backgrounds, textures, ready-to-publish images. They are all free and good to use in both personal and commercial projects.

Our free collection

Here are 19 free photos with apples, grapes, dates, lemons, blueberries. We also inserted visuals of corn and radishes. Download these free photos and use as you see fit. No credit is necessary. If you decide to mention our site and link back, we will be happy!

Fruit and veggie images on Unsplash

Unsplash is a massive free image library. Their section of fruit and vegetable images includes thousands of high-class photos that you can download for free.

Here is a beautiful example of what you can download for free on this site.

Free clipart and images on Shutterstock

Even if Shutterstock is a paid stock library, they have a good amount of freebies. Let’s start with this set of free patterns. You can get two patterns that are fruit-related in this collection: fruit patterns and coconut patterns.

Shutterstock also has a completely free collection of food photos. That collection includes several hi-res visuals with fruits and vegetables. Here is a sample from this collection. Check it out here.

Download free fruit & veggie footage

We use footage with fruit mainly as b-roll. Such stock videos are great for recipe videos. But they also work well as video backgrounds on websites. Here is where you can get fruit footage for free.

Stock Video Secrets

Our friends at StockVideoSecrets.com have several video clips with fruits and vegetables that you can download for free. Get the HD version of the videos for free. The source files can be purchased for a small free.

Here are a couple of free clips that you can download right here below.

Mixkit free footage

Mixkit is an amazing source of free footage with fruits and vegetables. The site has two collections, where you can go through the available clips and download them with a click.

Pond5 free videos

Don’t underestimate the free footage collection on Pond5. Their foods and drinks section of the free videos includes a good amount of free clips with fruits, veggies, berries. The only caveat is that you will need to log in or create a new account to download the free footage on this site. It’s still worth checking this video collection out.

If you need more free images or videos, here are our other collections:

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