Free Footstep Sound Effects

Over 70 Stunning Free Footstep Sound Effects Ready to Download

Need to add footstep Foley sound effects to your video? Here are over 70 footstep sound effects ready to download for free.

You may have tons of footage with people walking, moving, dancing. When you edit such videos, you may figure that you need footstep sounds to make the scenes sound more realistic than the original audio you captured. Foley sounds come to help. They can bring more production value to your project as they can enhance the overall audio experience with your final video.

What is foley sound?

We mentioned foley above. What’s is that? Foley sound got its name from the audio artist Jack Foley, who developed and shaped this technique of recreating everyday sounds in the studio environment.

In other words, foley sound effects are designed to simulate everyday sounds for audio sound replacement in, originally, TV and films, and any other video, including social media videos or Youtube.

Footstep sounds

As you probably guessed, footstep sounds are the audio simulations of how people step, walk, run. These sounds also include different types of surfaces: walking on sand and gravel, stepping on snow, stomping, jumping in a puddle, footsteps on frozen surfaces. These sound effects may also include different shoe types.

Foley artists use a variety of props to create specific sounds. Let’s take footsteps as an example. Foley artists put on a certain kind of shoe and walk on the appropriate surface, say, gravel or sand. Foley artists can also re-record poor quality sounds from the initial set recording. So all those crisp sounds you notice in a movie are the work of foley artists.

Free footstep sounds

In our small collection of free footstep sounds effects you can download 2 completely free SFX packs. Both SFX packs can be used in personal and commercial projects without attribution. You can download these packs without signing up.

Free PremiumBeat Footstep Sounds

PremiumBeat, a popular stock music site, is offering a pack of 40+ footstep sounds for free. You can jump over here and get this pack with one click.

In the pack you will find 13 different step textures – from wood to concrete, from gravel to snow, and more. You can use these free footstep SFX in any projects. You are not supposed to resell or redistribute the free sounds.

Free Mixkit Footstep Sounds

Mixkit, a popular free video asset site, offers 35 free footstep sounds. These free sounds range from footsteps on wood, snow, mud, puddle, frozen ground.

You can download the sounds for free and use in personal and commercial projects. You should not resell or redistribute the audio files as per Mixkit’s free license.

How to use footstep sounds in video edits

The above free footstep sounds will work in any non-linear video editing software, like Premiere Pro, Rush, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci.

You will use the free SFX like any audio file. Add the sound of your choice to your timeline and you’re good to go with one exception.

Footstep sounds may have different speeds, which may not necessarily match up to the pace of the character walking in your video scene. To fix this, you will need to trim the portions between steps and move the next step forward.

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