Free Fog Overlays for Video

Over 40 Free Fog Overlays for Video and Graphic Design

This collection of free fog overlays includes over 20 video overlays and 20 hi-res fog static images. Download them for free.

Fog is a valuable element to include in videos and static visuals. It adds production value to both worlds: motion and static imagery. Alongside dust particles, light leaks, lens flares, fog is that engaging visual element that makes scenes more natural and engaging.

Fog has specific associations in our minds. When we see fog, we can relate it several familiar situations. It can be a sign of a fresh morning. It can also remind of dark night scenes. Whatever the situation, fog is definitely a strong enhancing factor for video scenes and graphic designs.

Before we jump into free fog overlays, which come later in our story, let’s spend a minute talking about fog.

What is fog?

Did you know that fog is actually a cloud? It’s that cloud that touches the ground. Fog can be thick, meaning we don’t see through it. It can also be thin or semi-transparent. Fog forms when dust or other particles are present in the air. Water vapor condenses around these particles. Sea fog forms around bits of the salt in the sea water.

Fog and mist are not the same. Fog is denser and thicker than mist. In our story both fog and mist overlays are called “fog” for simplicity.

Types of fog

National Geographic defines 4 types of fog: radiation fog, advection fog, valley fog, freezing fog. Even if we don’t think the types of fog will be useful for video editors and graphic designers who wish to use fog overlays, it’s still insightful. Knowing the types of fog textures is a good way to find the best match for a project.

Radiation fog is that type of fog that we see in the evening. The heat absorbed during the day is radiated into the air when the temperature drops. Radiation fog is also the fog we see in the morning before the sunrise. That’s the fog we see in those suspense scenes when the character steps in the dark forest, for example.

Advection fog forms over large cool furfaces. When warm air makes contact with a colder surface air, fog appears thanks to the process called advection. If you live in California or any other coastal place with a cold oceanic current, you may witness this type of fog. The warm coastal air goes over the colder water current and helps form this type of fog.

Valley fog is self-explanatory. As fog develops in a valley, it may stay trapped like in a bowl by the surrounding mountains.

Freezing fog is formed when fog droplets freeze to solid surfaces. You see such fog over mountain tops. This type of fog is usual in northern countries.

Now it’s time for a quiz. What type of fog do you see in this timelapse footage that was captured at the Canadian Atlantic coast?

Answer: Even if it’s at the ocean and looks like a valley, the fog in the footage is actually radiation fog as these are vapors after a heavy rain.

By the way, you can download this timelapse video clip for free [HD quality] and use it as you see fit. The credit goes to The source file of the timelapse video is located there too.

Free fog overlays for video

Here is our collection of free fog overlays. Fog video elements help create smoky backgrounds and overlays in your edits. You can also layer them with footage and 3D renders. In one word, download these free fog footage and create beautiful more natural scenes.

All the free fog overlays in this list are HD, 4K, and 6K video clips. You may want to download them all to a separate folder named “Fog” on your computer and use when needed.

21 free fog overlays from PremiumBeat

This free pack from PremiumBeat includes 21 fog video clips in crisp 4K. Download the pack right here. There is no need to create an account on the site. It’s a one-click experience.

2 free fog overlays from FilmBodega

FilmBodega has a free pack of fog overlays that you can use in both personal and commercial projects. It’s just a click away and no registration is needed.

Fog overlays from Film Bodega

If you like these free fog overlays, FilmBodega has more 6K fog overlays that you can get on their site.

1 free fog overlay from Shutterstock

This tutorial on the Shutterstock blog has free project files. One of those video clips is actually a fog overlay clip. It’s in 4K. Grab the project files here.

How to use free fog overlays in Premiere Pro

Using free fog overlays in your NLE is straight-forward. Let’s take look at how to use them in Premiere Pro in 6 easy steps.

  1. Download one of the free video packs and unzip them into a folder on your computer.
  2. Import a fog video to your Premiere Pro project.
  3. Add the fog overlay of your choice above your main footage in the timeline.
  4. Click on the fog overlay and go to the Effects controls tab.
  5. In the Opacity menu go to Blend Mode.
  6. Choose the Screen blending mode.

You can adjust the fog overlay for opacity, speed, position, scales and so on.

Why do video editors use fog overlays?

Do pro video editors use fog overlays in their projects? The simple answer is YES. Video editors use fog overlays in their video edits to add atmosphere and mood to a scene. By layering a fog overlay on top of the footage in the timeline, they can create a sense of depth and create a dreamy, ethereal, or mysterious atmosphere. How about that? Well, this is particularly useful in horror, suspense, or romantic scenes. Additionally, fog overlays can help to soften the edges of a shot, and make it feel more natural and organic.

Here is one additional reason. By adjusting the opacity of the fog overlay, a video editor can control the amount of fog in a scene, and create a more natural, nuanced look. As a video editor, you can also experiment with different colors, shapes, and animation styles to create unique effects. In our opinion, fog overlays are a versatile tool that can be used to add depth, mood, and atmosphere to any video production, whether it is a YouTube video or a high-budget production.

Free fog overlays for graphic design

If you need hi-res images of fog to use in graphic design, we can offer a free pack, too. PixelBuddha has a collection of free static fog overlays for photos. This collection includes 20 images and you can use them in any project. These free elements are royalty-free and you cannot resell or redistribute these images. But use them freely in all your creative projects.

These free fog effects can help you enhance your landscape photos. You can also use them to add a more mysterious effect to portrait photos. Also use the fog to get more contrast in your visuals.

Why do designers use fog overlays?

Same as video editors, graphic designers use fog overlays for esthetic reasons. They may add a layer of mist or haze to an image to create a dreamy or surreal atmosphere, add depth to an graphic project, or simply enhance the overall mood of a design. They also use fog overlays to conceal specific elements in a picture, such as distracting backgrounds or unwanted details, by blurring them with the fog.

Fog overlays are a great tool to emphasize certain elements of a design, such as a person or object. Designers make them stand out against the foggy background. Like in video, fog overlaying is an interesting graphic design technique that adds an extra layer of creativity and visual interest to designs.

Can I use fog overlays in online video editors?

Free online video editors like CapCut allow overlay blending modes, which will help you create mysterious scenes within several clicks. Download the free fog overlays, add it to Media in CapCut, add the overlay to your timeline, click on it, then choose “Overlay” in the Blend section under Video. Adjust the opacity level to your liking.

Fog overlay in Capcut

In conclusion, free fog overlays are useful elements that you can use to enhance your video scenes or your graphic design projects. Download these free fog packs with a couple of clicks, and start using them in your creative work.

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