Free explosion elements for video

Download Over 150 Free Explosion Assets for Videos and Film

Some of your scenes may need explosive elements. Whether it is about introducing a big splash sale, or adding explosion effects and sounds, take a look at this free collection of video assets. Download these 150+ video and audio elements for free.

These collections and bundles of explosive sounds and video assets are compatible for use in any NLE: Premiere Pro, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve. Download them for future use if you don’t need them yet.

What are explosion video assets?

Any audio or video element that describes or that is related to explosions can produce an explosion effect. You can use these sound and video effects for a range of scenes. You can use them in intros and outros. You can use them in military and disaster scenes of your film or video. You can also use them to create impactful transitions and effects in your film and video.

You can license explosion effects for a fee. Here is an explosion pack from Shutterstock that will cost you xx to license.

You can also use free explosion effects from different sites that share them for free.

Free explosion effects

Downloading free explosion effects is straight-forward. What’s shared for free is usually permissive. You can use such freebies in both personal and commercial projects.

Sometimes, the free explosive effects may just be samples that you can try. For using them in commercial projects, you may need to pay for the full license. So check the license agreement even if you deal with a free pack.

40 free explosion SFX and VFX

PremiumBeat, a popular stock music site, has a great free pack of free explosion sound effects and video elements. The site allows you to use this pack in both personal and commercial projects.

Here is what you get inside this free pack:

15 Free Explosion VFX:

  • Canon Blasts
  • Fireballs
  • Ground Blast
  • Oil Rig Fire
  • Large Plumes
  • Shockwave
  • Smoke

25 Free Explosion SFX:

  • Blasts
  • Bombs
  • Mine Explosions
  • Grenades

Download this free pack here. It is compatible with Premiere Pro, FCPX, Davinci, After Effects.

60 free explosion sounds

Check out these 60 free explosion sounds on Mixkit. From sea mine explosions to thunder sounds, you can download them all for free here.

19 free 4K space backgrounds

This free collection of nebulas and spatial backgrounds includes 19 free cosmic backgrounds that can serve as explosive elements in your videos. The free backgrounds are compatible with the major video editing apps. They are available in 4K.

45 free explosion sounds

Action VFX offers a free collection of explosion sounds. You can download it by going through their checkout. The cost of the bundle is $0.

Over 40 free explosion VFX

Footage Crate has a collection of explosion VFX. Among these 90+ explosions, you can get 40+ for free.

Paid explosion effects

If these free collections are not enough (and you have some budget to license creative assets), you may want to check the Detonate pack (from Shutterstock) or use videos of explosions on green screen. Use FFF15 to get 15% off this pack.

This step-by-step tutorial was created to promote the above Detonate pack. But you can use it as a perfect guide for all the free explosion VFX we link to above.

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