Free epic sound effects

100+ Free Epic Sound Effects for Video

If you need some epic sounds for your current video edit, here is a list of high-quality SFX available for free.

What makes a sound epic? Let’s talk about it before jumping to the free sound effects.

What is an epic?

An epic is a long-format narrative that retells a heroic adventure of a person or a group of people. Epics tend to include superhuman deeds, fantastic adventures, and polished language. Originally, epics were a form of poetry. With time, the genre was adopted to theatrical pieces, television, and films. Video games have been the latest to go into the world of epics.

Visual scenes of heroic adventures, odysseys, epopees, and legends need relevant sound to go with. As a result, strong, deep rhythmic sounds have come into being. Heavy bass and slow buildup make epic beats send powerful vibes to our senses and help us feel the importance of the heroic moment.

Epic sounds

If you search for epic sounds on Youtube, you will find hundreds of long videos, which you can use as background ambience when you are working. Here is an example (over 1 hour of epic and heroic music!).

The sound is thick and the buildup is juicy. Close your eyes and imagine yourself rowing in a viking knarr 1,000 years ago.

The beauty of epic sound is that it can transcend listeners to the era of medieval knights, chivalry, tournament fights, crusades. Or it can send the listener to follow the adventures of Beowulf or Charles the Great.

Download free epic sounds

Back to our present days. Epic sounds enhance heroic scenes and improve the quality of film trailers. They give an emotional boost to scenes and increase viewer’s engagement.

If you need epic sound effects, we’ve got a list of free epic SFX sources. Epic sounds can range from heavy beats to cinematic atmospheric sounds. In other words, any blend of lyrical and dramatic SFX will fit the “epic” definition.

Download these free packs with a couple of clicks.

Epic sound effects for trailers

Check this collect of sounds designed for trailers. Sweeps, dark risers, slams are included.

80 cinematic atmospheres

Download high-quality music textures for free from this music site.

Free vintage SFX

Throw in some vintage SFX in your epic collection. Not 100% epic, but they can come in handy in edits.

Free glitch sounds

Glitches are not necessarily epic, but they are perfect sound transitions. Grab the free glitch pack here.

If you have a small budget for cinematic sounds, check out this curated sound effect collection from FilmBodega. The collection included 40+ songs and SFX, including a good collection of cinematic atmospheric sounds. Take a listen!

Need more free sound effects? Here are our curated free SFX collections:

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