Free Dust Textures and Overlays

Over 20 Free Dust Overlays to Add a Natural Depth to Your Footage

Add more natural depth to your video scenes with these completely free dust overlays in 2K, 4K, and 6K.

What’s one of the powerful ways to add some more natural depth to your footage or a video scene? If you add dust particles, your footage will look more realistic, which will make it more beautiful.

Let’s see how you can find free and paid dust overlays and how you can use them immediately in your videos.

What are dust overlays?

An overlay is actually an overlapped shot, effect, or sound that you use in parallel with your main footage in your video editor.

Dust overlays are digitally or organically captured videos with flying dust or moving particles that create the impression of realistic dust when added to the main video scene.

Dust overlays can come in different shapes, forms, movements. You can find dust video overlays with larger and small particles, slow and fast movements.

The dust overlay effects are usually rendered as video files. This means that they can be imported directly into your video editing app. Once in there, you can use them in your timeline and work to fuse the overlay into your video shots.

Free dust overlays

Find here over 20 completely free dust overlays that you can download and use in your edits.

Film Bodega dust overlays in 6K for free

Film Bodega has an impressive pack of dust elements that you can purchase here. But you can test this pack by downloading these two dust overlays for free. You can use these 2 dust overlays in personal and commercial projects. If you download their free dust pack, you will find a valuable coupon inside (20% off all the video elements on the site!).

Free Atmospheric Light and Dust Overlays on Pond5

This free pack includes 14 atmospheric light overlays and 2 dust elements. You can download this pack for free and use it in personal and commercial projects.

Free ActionVFX dust overlays

ActionVFX has a free dust pack, too. This free pack includes 10 real dust waves spreading across the ground. The elements are delivered in 2K. They were captured on a Red Epic Dragon camera.

To be able to download this free pack, you will need to create an account on this site and add the free elements to your checkout. There is no fee to be paid at checkout.

Free Cinecom dust overlays in 4K

Cinecom offers a free pack, which includes 10 dust and powder overlay effects for any video editing application. The pack is only free for personal video projects. If you plan to use these elements for commercial projects, you need to pay the licensing fee to Cinecom.

How to use dust overlays in Adobe Premiere Pro

FilmBodega has a detailed tutorial about how you can use dust overlays in Adobe Premiere Pro. Here is the short summary.

Total Time Needed :



Things Needed?

– Your own footage and downloaded free dust overlays
– Access to Adobe Premiere Pro

Steps needed:

Download the free dust packs

Download the above free dust overlays to your computer and unzip them in a folder of your preference.

Import the dust overlays in Premiere Pro

Import the element or multiple dust videos into your Premiere Pro project. Once the elements have been imported, drag the dust overlay to the timeline, over the video clip of your choice.

Set to Frame Set if needed (optional)

If you use 6K or 4K dust footage over small resolutions, you will need to set to frame set. To do so, right-click the dust overlay and choose Set to Frameset in the menu that opened.

Change the dust footage

In the Effect Controls menu, go to Opacity, then Blend Mode and choose Screen for more natural results.

If you need more refinements, check this detailed tutorial from Film Bodega. This tutorial can be used for all the above free packs.

We will conclude by saying that dust particles can add a lot of creative value to your scenes. The world is not perfect and sterile. Dust elements can help create more realistic views. So download these free collections and add them to your work.

For more free video overlays, check out these stunning free collections on

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