Download free Christmas sound effects

Download 300+ Free Christmas Sound Effects

This collection of free Christmas SFX includes hundreds of sounds that you can download and use in holiday projects.

We have collected and tested a free collection of Christmas-related sound effects that you can use in your video and audio projects. These sounds cover a wide range of sounds useful in winter holiday videos. From bells and chimes to the famous Ho-ho-ho by Santa, you can find these in these resources below.

What are free sounds effects?

Sound effects are sounds recorded for a specific creative point without the use of voice and music. In other words, SFX are artificially created sounds or audio recordings used in artistic works. SFX help emphasize an action, mood or feeling. The majority of SFX available are royalty-free, which you can license from various audio websites.

SFX are versatile elements that one can use in podcasts, videos, radio, TV. SFX licensing never as restrictive as music or voiceovers.

Sometimes, audio and video websites make certain sound effects available for free. Such free sounds have the same audio quality. Their licensing is usually permissive – you can use them in personal and commercial projects. There is no catch with free sound effects. The websites are using their free SFX as a way to attract our attention to their other products. So, here we go, downloading and testing their free sounds during this holiday season.

Free Christmas SFX

Here you can find a good amount of free Christmas sound effects. We are ranking them by the easiness to download and use in creative projects like videos, podcasts, and beyond.

Free Christmas Sound Pack from Shutterstock

This SFX pack includes 10 high-quality sounds that range from Christmas dinner table chatter to sleigh bells and present unwrapping sounds. The Ho-ho-ho sound is impressive in this pack. Hear the SFX in the trailer.

Download this free Xmas sound pack here.

Pond5’s Free Christmas Toolkit

This website has an impressive free pack with 20+ elements for Christmas video editing. The pack includes 5 high-quality sounds about Christmas: chimes in blizzard, light chimes, sleigh bells.

Free Christmas Toolkit for Video Editors

Download this free video editing toolkit here [direct link].

15 Christmas Sounds from SoundBible

SoundBible offers 15 free sounds about Christmas. A couple of these sounds are covered by the Public Domain license, and the rest are covered by their Attribution license.

Download these free sounds in MP3 and WAV.

MrSnooze Sound Effects

MrSnooze user on Youtube made 40 Christmas SFX available for free. Check out their trailer:

The 40 sound effects can be downloaded directly here.

SFX from Free Loops has a collection of free Christmas SFX, which includes a bunch of sounds uploaded to the site back in 2008-2009. You may want to check these sounds. If the quality is fine for you, download them all for free.

Free Festive SFX from Mixkit

Mixkit, a popular free site by Envato, has several free festive sounds that you can download for free: Sleigh bells and Chimes.

130+ Free Christmas Sounds from Pexels

Pexels, a popular free site, has over 130 festive sounds that you can use in your holiday videos.

How to add free SFX to your project?

Time needed: 5 minutes

Usually, you need to take these four steps to add SFX to your video project. Whether you use Adobe Premiere Pro, FCP, or DaVinci Resolve, the steps are similar in all these NLEs.

  1. Import your Media

    Find the way to import media to your new project. Import the free Christmas sound effects into your project.

  2. Place your footage in your timeline

    Place your footage in your timeline in your video editing software. Add and order your footage the way you’d like it to be.

  3. Place your audio and SFX in your timeline

    Add music and SFX to your timeline.

  4. Position your audio and SFX

    Position your music and sounds to match your creative concepts and ideas.

During the winter holiday season these above SFX will come handy in your projects. If you need more free audio, see the Free Music resources on our site.

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