Free Camera Shake Presets

46 Free Camera Shake Presets for Premiere Pro and AE

You can add a realistic camera shake to your videos with these free camera shake presets.

Sometimes, you need to have a scene that should look as if it had been shot with a handheld camera. Free camera shake presets come to help if you edit in Premiere Pro or if you work on a project in After Effects. Find two solid sources of free camera presets below.


We like to view presets as shortcuts that allow to re-use a range of successful settings and effects in Premiere Pro or After Effects. Why reinvent the wheel every time you need such effects? It’s better to save and re-use or get the same from someone who has done the work and shared the results.

The below free presets are After Effects compositions that can be used in both After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Download Camera Shake Effects

We stumbled upon two packs of free video shake effects that have valid download links today. These free presents are great for footage, but they will also do a good job for motion graphics. Try them all and add a new style to your scenes.

15 Dramatic Camera Shake Presets

The popular stock music site PremiumBeat has a pack of 15 video shake presets that you can use in Premiere and After Effects. Check their trailer – the shakes you see are all included in the pack.

The pack includes 5 groups of camera shake presets:

  • 24mm camera shake presets
  • 35mm camera shake presets
  • 50mm camera shake presets
  • 85mm camera shake presets

These groups include Heavy, Medium, and Light presets. We like the Zoom camera shake presets, that are also included here. The Crazy Zoom effect is rad!

The presets come in 4K and FHD. Download the free presets on this page.

There is no catch – the provider is only asking not to resell and not to distribute these free presets. You are free to use these elements in both personal and commercial projects.

31 Free Camera Movement Effects

Action VFX has a free pack of camera movement presets that come in 2K and 4K. The pack is completely free.

The only caveat is that you will have to create an account on ActionVFX and go through checkout to download this free pack. No need to include your payment methods on this site with this purchase at zero dollars.

How to Import Camera Shake Effects

Here is a quick summary of the steps to take if you want to use these free presets in Premiere Pro.

First off, these are not simple drag-and-drop effects. You should have both After Effects and Premiere Pro on your machine.

  1. Start with installing the presets in your After Effects presets folder.

    Copy and paste the free presets after you downloaded and unzipped them.

  2. Replace with After Effects Composition in Premiere Pro.

    Once you copied the presets to the AE presets folder, open a PP project and replace the effects in your videos by adding: Replace with After Effects Composition.

  3. Verify the composition setting.

    Save your Premiere Pro project and verify whether the composition setting is 4K or FHD.

  4. Use your preferred method to apply the camera shake presets.

    You can start by creating a NULL object and apply your preferred preset to it. Then add Motion Blur (footage + overall composition). Then you may choose to use Motion Tile and adjust keyframes.

You can also check this tutorial from PremiumBeat.

To use these great free camera shake presets you need to have After Effects bundled up with Premiere Pro.

How to Use Camera Shake Overlays in Projects

If you wonder how to use camera shakes in your projects, see these use cases that are great fits for these elements.

Camera shake overlays are a fantastic way to add some extra oomph to your video projects. In fact, there are so many ways to use them that it can be hard to know where to start! Here are a few creative ideas to get your imagination flowing:

First, consider using camera shake overlays to create an action-packed sequence. If you have a car chase or fight scene in your video, adding camera shake can make it feel more intense and realistic. The viewer will feel like they’re right in the middle of the action, which can be really exciting.

If you’re working on a horror or suspense film, camera shake overlays can be used to create a sense of unease or tension. The shaky footage will make the viewer feel on edge and add to the overall atmosphere of the scene.

Another fun way to use camera shake overlays is to create a flashback effect. By adding a shake effect to your footage, you can give it a vintage or old-fashioned feel. This technique is perfect for dream sequences or flashbacks, as it can make it feel like the scene is from a different time period.

Camera shake overlays can also be used as a transition effect between scenes. By adding a shake effect to the end of one scene and the beginning of the next, you can create a smooth and dynamic transition that keeps the viewer engaged.

Last but not least. Camera shake overlays can be used to emphasize the emotions of the characters in a scene. For example, if a character is feeling angry or frustrated, the camera shake can intensify the emotion and help the viewer connect with the character on a deeper level.

In summary, camera shake overlays are a versatile and fun tool to use in your video edits. Whether you’re creating an action-packed sequence, a tense horror scene, or a nostalgic flashback, camera shake can add that extra something that takes your video to the next level. So don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different ways to use this awesome effect!

Need more free elements for video? Check these amazing free collections.

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