Free Office Sound Effects

Free Office and Business Environment Sound Effects

If you need sounds for office and business scenes, check out these collections of SFX that you can download for free.

In 2020 and after, offices lost their inhabitants as the novel coronavirus pandemic set in. Over 90% of office workers migrated to their homes. They brought some of the old office noises with them: keyboard strokes, mouse clicking, phone ringing, computer and printer sounds. This is how post-2020 homes may sound in addition to all regular household sounds. If your projects include pre-2020 or post-2020 office scenes, don’t hesitate to download these free sound effects from these 3 websites and bring some office environment noises to your work.

Free Office Sound Effects from Shutterstock

Shutterstock, a popular stock image and video library, shared a free office SFX pack that includes 15+ sounds that you can use in personal and commercial projects. Download the free office sound effects on the Shutterstock blog.

Free Office Sound Effects from Mixkit

Mixkit is a popular resource of free assets for video that’s sponsored by Envato. In its SFX section you can download 30+ free office sound effects. They are covered by Mixkit’s SFX license allowing you to use the sounds in personal and commercial project.

Free Office Sound Effects from FreeSFX

FreeSFX has a collection of free office sound effects that you can download here.

Home office is not as fun as the regular office. Remember the classic Office mockumentary. The show is still very popular as a lot of us who used to work in office can somewhat relate to the absurd humor depicted in the show. You don’t believe so? What’s about this parkour scene from The Office. Priceless!

More Free Sound Effects

If you need more free SFX, check out our other SFX lists:

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