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Free music does not always mean bad music. In our list you will see places where you can find thousands of free music tracks for use in videos and beyond. The quality of the free music ranges from good to excellent. Licensing usually covers the majority of standard online use cases: from using music in personal blogs to YouTube and Vimeo videos. Read the license agreement before using free tracks in commercial projects.

PremiumBeat free music

PremiumBeat Free Music

PremiumBeat has over 10 free music tracks. You will need to create a free account to be able to download the tracks. The free tracks are covered by their Standard online license.

Bensound free music

Bensound Free Music

Bensound has over 70 free music tracks you can download today. By downloading their free music, you need to provide attribution to their site.

Shutterstock - Stock Image and Stock Video Library

Shutterstock Free Music

Shutterstock has a free music collection. To download their music for free, you don’t need to create any new accounts. The music is covered by their Standard online license.

More Free Music

  • Musicbed Free Trial: Musicbed has an option to try their platform for free. Within the 14-day free trial you can download and use 3 music tracks for free.
  • 30+ free music tracks from Envato Elements The free music from Mixkit is covered by their standard online license allowing the majority of online use cases.
  • Free Music Archive: The FMA site offers a good amount of free music covered by the Creative Commons license. You can use this music in both personal and commercial projects.
  • YouTube: Audio Library: In the YouTube audio library, you can find royalty-free music and sound effects that you can use in your videos on YouTube. This audio is copyright-safe as YouTube cleared the rights to use this audio on the platform.
  • FilmPac: this website has a free pack filled with video assets. It includes 3 free royalty-free music tracks.

More About Free Music For Video

Where can I find free music for videos?

There are many music websites that offer music for use in videos. We list the majority of such sites on this page. It’s also important to make sure that the music you’re about to download is “free” and not “royalty free”. Free music sites allow you to download the full track without a fee. Royalty free music sites may only allow to download a short version of the music track or a comp – a track with watermark. To download the full music track, royalty free music sites may ask for payment.

What is the best site to download free music?

There are no best sites to download free music. All music sites are different and have different licensing rules and conditions. We recommend to read the licensing agreement and terms and conditions of any free music site. Usually, music sites have restrictions for commercial use cases. You also need to check if the free track you’re downloading can be used in films and theatrical performances. You can use free tracks in Youtube videos, or other social and video platforms without restrictions.

How to download music for free?

Downloading free tracks is easy. Search for the download button on the respective track’s page. Certain music sites may need you to sign up or sign in before downloading the tracks. There are also sites that may limit the number of free downloads per day.

Is royalty free music free?

No, royalty free music is not free music. Royalty free means you can buy the music track without worrying about royalties to pay to its composer. The licensing site takes care of all royalty agreements with the musician, and not you. As for free music, you get it without paying a fee to use it. The difference between the two types of music is explained in more detail here.

Is royalty free different from copyright free music?

Royalty free music means you can use this music without owning the copyright or without paying royalties for the track. Copyright free means that the copyright has expired and another party acquired the right to use such music tracks. Both types of music are not exclusive to you upon purchasing.

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