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Thousands of free icons and free icon sets are within your reach with this impressive list of free icon resources. Even if icons are used mostly by graphic and web designers, you may also need them for videos. Whether you need an icon for your video edit or as an overlay on your YouTube or Vimeo piece, search thousands of free icons on these sites to find the right match for your project.

Featured Free Icon Resources

Good Stuff No Nonsense

This site offers 300+ free hand-drawn icons. Go to the Freebie section and check their free icon sets. The icons are available as SVG, PNG, AI, EPS files. They are good to use in commercial and personal projects.

Captain Icon

This is a great 350+ free vector icon set for mobile and web designs. You can easily use these in videos, too. Scroll down to the download button to get this pack. Donate to the author if you can.

Icon Finder

Check out the popular free icons and materials on this site. The choice of free elements is rich. You will definitely find something interesting and useful for your project.

Free Icons and Icon Packs

Completely Free Icons

Free Icons with Limitations

  • Among the thousands of creative assets they have, this site has a small collection of free icons you may want to consider. Jump to this page to see their recent free icon sets.

  • Icons8: The site features over 150,000+ icons. You can use these icons for free, but your free access will be limited to lower resolution icons. Icons8 also requires a link back to their site, should you decide to use their free icons.

  • Flaticon: You can access thousands of free icons on this site. The premium icons are only available for a fee.

  • Graphic Burger: You can download free icons in sets. The sets are group by themes, which is convenient. Attribution may be needed.

  • Deviant Art: By searching for free icons you can find thousands of good-quality free icons. But you will need to spend some time filtering through all free icons.

  • Dribbble: This site can offer several thousand free icons. Some free icon sets are good finds.

  • Dafont: You can download over 100+ free icon fonts on this site. You may want to donate to their authors, if you can.

  • Vecteezy: It’s a popular vector site, which has a large collection of free icon sets. The site is promising access to over 200,000 free icons. Free downloads require attribution.

  • IcoJam: The site’s blog lists their free icon sets. From Halloween to cooking icons, you can download them for free.

  • All Free Download: By filtering down to free icons, you can have access to 10,000+ free icons and sets. The majority of the free icons are only for non-commercial use, though.

  • 1001 Free Downloads: This site offers thousands of icons. But they are all for non-commercial use if downloaded for free.

  • Icon Archive: Over 700,000 free icons are available here. The majority are for non-commercial use only. A good amount of icons can be used in commercial projects.

What are icons?

Icons are small graphic representations of an element, object, action, idea, used online. Icons are pictorial symbols that help identify a problem, file, device, folder.

Icons are available for free or sold in several popular file formats: SVG, PNG, RPS, ICO, PDF. Icons are usually available in the 1:1 aspect ratio: 16×16, 25×25, 64×64 or 100×100 or other.

How to use free icons?

We use icons in product design, web design, and video. Here are our use cases.

Use free icons for product design

Product design needs UI icons and the above free icon resources cater to this need. Free icons come in many formats. Plus, free icons are usually customizable.

Use free icons on your site

If you have a website on, say, WordPress, you can upload free icons to your site and use them in your web designs.

Use free icons in Youtube videos

If you have a YouTube channel, you can use free icons as overlays or watermarks in your videos.

If you need more free resources for your video edits, check out our lists of:

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