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Finding free footage is relatively easy these days. In this curated list of free video and footage sites, you have access to millions of free video clips that you can use in various projects. Downloaded free footage may have limitations as video licensing may be restrictive. Understand the limitations before using free video clips in projects requiring copyright clearing.

Featured Free Video Resources

Videezy - Free Stock Video Footage

Videezy Free Videos

Download free footage and video in HD and 4K. Pro subscription is also available. Videos can be used in personal and commercial projects with attribution.

Stock Video Secrets

Small collection of free curated video clips. HD and 4K are free to download upon signup. Source files are at $9.99/ea. Cleared for personal and commercial use without attribution. Get 30% off all their video clips with the promo code VIDEO30. Offer valid in 2021.

Videvo - Free Stock Footage Site

Videvo Free Videos

Free stock video clips in HD and 4K. SFX and Music is available too. All the creative assets are divided into Free and Premium. Free clips can be used in personal and commercial projects with attribution.

More Sites Offering Free Videos

  • 3,000 free video clips from Envato Elements (more Envato freebies here). This collection of free video clips includes hundreds of free coffee video clips, free drone footage, and free nature videos. The license agreement allows both personal and commercial uses. You can freely use this footage in your YouTube videos.

  • Envato: download 1 free stock video clip per month in the monthly freebie section of their site. Signup/signin is needed.

  • Pixabay: This website gives you access to hundreds of free video clips. The majority of video clips are cleared for commercial use.

  • Pexels: Download thousands of free video clips from this popular free image websites. The videos are cleared for commercial and personal use without attribution.

More About Free Footage

Where can I find free video clips?

Finding free video clips is an easy task. If you search for “free video” or “free footage” in your preferred search engine, you can find such sites at the top of your search results. Popular free video websites can have from thousands to millions of video clips. Depending on the site you can have access to many onsite search options to refine your onsite search. Before downloading free clips, check the license – you may want to know where and how you can use such clips.

Using free footage with people and recognizable famous places (stadiums, landmarks) in commercial projects may be problematic. Commercial use requires copyright clearing as well as model and property releases. Unfortunately, most free video sites don’t offer such coverage.

Is free footage different from stock footage?

Stock footage includes all types of video clips shared and sold on an non-exclusivity basis. Stock footage and stock media are beneficial for filmmakers and video editors as they help save on shooting new footage material. Free footage is stock footage where copyright was fully or partially lifted and users don’t have to pay for licensing the video clip.

What is royalty-free video?

Don’t confuse “free” with “royalty-free”. The “free” in royalty-free does not mean there is no cost for the license. Here it refers to the fact that users can use the video clip without paying extra royalties. You don’t pay royalties to the creators, but the video clip is not exclusive to you, either.

What is completely free stock footage?

If stock footage is completely free, you can use it in all projects. You don’t have the right to sell this stock footage as your own, though.

Why are free videos of worse quality?

Free videos may be of lower quality compared to paid videos. The lower quality is about the video resolution. Free sites don’t have the same infrastructure and file storage like their paid counterparts. As a result, they need to compress downloadable video files. This usually has a negative impact on the technical quality of the clip.

How can I download videos without watermark?

Searching to download videos without watermark may send you in a grey zone where you might breach a website’s user policy. We don’t recommend engaging in such techniques. If you don’t find a free asset on free video sites, you might consider checking the list of paid footage providers.

More free footage and video elements:

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