Free Assets for Video

Free video assets include free footage, free music, free SFX and VFX, free images, free overlays, and more. We use these free assets in our video projects and share links here. We may produce our own free assets and share on the site. Browse the site’s sections and get what you need.

Popular Free Assets

Free Footage

Download free video clips and footage in HD and 4K. Check these free sites out.

Free footage sites
Free music sites

Free Music

Free stock music websites featuring rights free and completely free music for video.

Free SFX

Download free sound effects for use in video projects. Visit these free SFX resources. Coming soon!

Free VFX

Download free visual effects for use in video projects. Visit these free VFX resources. Coming soon!

Free Overlays

Get here free LUTs, lens flares, light leaks, transitions, and more. Coming soon!

Free Stock Images

Download free images, icons, backgrounds, clip-art for use in your videos. Coming soon!

Free Icons

Download thousands of free icons and icon sets. From seasonal icons to social media icons, you will find them here, for free.

Free Assets For Video Editing

Explore our site’s sections, check out the links and download the elements and assets that you can use freely in your edits. We provide all the important details about the downloads: licensing, restrictions, download size.

More About Free Assets

What are free assets?

Free video assets fall into many categories. They range from free video clips and free icons to free music tracks to free visual effects. You can use these assets in video edits, whether personal or commercial. Usually, such assets are compatible with many NLE systems (video editing software).

Why will someone want to give such assets away for free?

The reasons for making certain video assets free may be different. Some professional filmmakers want to share their creative work with the community. Other industry experts provide samples of their work for free. You may want to buy the full product after trying it. Whatever the reason, we make it clear when possible.

What should you know before downloading such free assets?

Downloading free assets for video or other projects does not always mean you can use these assets without any limitation. Certain free assets may be only free for personal use. Their commercial use may need licensing.

What is the Free for Video website?

Our site is a collection of links to free video assets we used and continue using in our video projects. We cannot guarantee that the links featured here will always work. Nonetheless, we make sure to revisit the most popular links and correct them if needed.

Is it safe to download free assets?

Before publishing links on our site, we make sure the sources are all reliable. We don’t like pointing to gated content (when you need to provide an email or other personal information in exchange for a download). We limit such links and mentions on our site. As for sponsored content, we tag such content when relevant.

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