100s of Free Ambient Sound Effects Easy to Download

From forest ambience and nature sounds to city noises and room ambience, download these free sound effects and use them in your videos.

Ambient sounds are a must-have if you want to give your videos a more immersive effect. In our collection of ambient sounds you will find nature sounds, forest sounds, city noises, and even the sound of silence. Yes, room ambience is a sound that you may need sometimes. Before going into the sound effects, let’s spend a minute talking about ambience and ambient sounds.

What is ambient sound?

Environmental and surrounding sounds are what we call ambience. Ambient sound helps give your video scenes more credence. Such sound effects may be more on the quiet side compared to other effects like explosions or fireworks. These sounds are meant to be used as background noise.

Ambient sound gives video more depth. It helps keep the video scene from sounding fake for the audience. Ambient sounds usually include wind, water, birds, and other nature sounds. Ambient sound also includes city noises, traffic, cars. Room tone or office sounds can be also considered ambience.

Why use ambient sound effects?

Ambient sound is important as it makes videos more immersive. Ambient audio also helps establish a mood to your scene or the whole video. In addition, you can use the same ambience in several scenes, which provides a higher degree of continuity.

Increase social presence is actually built with ambient sounds. Imagine a scene on a busy city street. With only vocals from the main character and without any city noise, the scene will feel flat.

Download free ambient sound effects

Without any further ado, let’s get down to our collection of free ambient sounds that you can download for your SFX collection. During this cloud age, it’s still good to have SFX downloaded on your local machine and use them in projects as needed.

Yellowstone free sounds

The Yellowstone National Park has an amazing collection of animal sounds that you can use without limitation. If you need any specific animal sound to use as your ambience. Feel free to download the audio. You can also check their free animal video clips into the bargain.

PremiumBeat free ambient sounds

In one of the older posts on PremiumBeat’s blog you can download 15 free ambient sound effects. The free sounds include a wide range of ambiences:

  • Bird Ambience
  • Busy City Street
  • Campfire
  • Car Interior
  • Coffee Shop
  • Electric Hum
  • Forest (2 sounds)
  • Helicopter
  • Ocean Waves
  • Plane
  • Rumble
  • Street Traffic
  • Thunderstorm
  • Windy Desert

If the download does not start, use this other direct download link to the same 15 sound effects.

40 free footstep sounds

Here is another free SFX pack from PremiumBeat. Download these 40 free footstep sound effects that you can use in both personal and commercial projects.

Why would you want to use these sounds? Well, this free SFX collection has a bunch of interesting textures: wood, snow, water, concrete. They will come in handy if you need footsteps in your audio mix.

Over 150 free ambient sounds from Mixkit

Mixkit keeps surprising us with their vast collection of free audio files. Their ambience SFX collection includes over 150 free ambient sounds: birds, animals, urban sounds, and so many more.

Edinburg Records’ collection of free nature sounds

This one is a real gem. You can download 50 free nature sounds: from forest in the winter to rain and water sounds. The site is a little slow to load, but it’s worth downloading these free SFX.

Debrup Travel & Films’ free ambient sound effects

This Youtube channel has 30 free ambient sound effects that you can download and use in both personal and commercial projects.

The free sound files are located in a shared Google Drive folder. The quality is very good. The files are also clean (McAffee tested).

Here is what you will find in this free pack:

1 – Fire
2 – Waterfalls
3 – Beach Waves
4 – Wind
5 – Small Stream Flowing
6 – Thunder
7 – Windy Forest
8 – Owl Hooting
9 – Rain On Rooftop
10 – Wind In Pine Trees
11 – Walking In Forest
12 – Walking in Snow
13 – Boating Water Splashing
14 – Walking and Splashing Water
15 – Horse Eating Grass
16 – Forest Night
17 – Rain
18 – Water Lapping Wind
19 – Spring Day Forest
20 – Birds
21 – Cicadas Buzzing
22 – Hallow Wind
23 – Warm Afternoon
24 – Cold Evening
25 – Farm Morning with Sheep
26 – Crickets with Road and Forest
27 – Crows Caw in Field
28 – Breathing Echo space
29 – Breathing Running
30 – Human Breathing by Nose

Our site also lists a couple of free SFX collections that you can use as ambiences. Check out these free sound effects:

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