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AI-Generated Sound Effects for Video [10,000 Free Sounds]

Will you use AI-generated sound in your videos? You will probably do if the music is original and it sounds like what you need for your project.

Let’s take a look at how AI is changing music composition today. You will also find a resource that offers over 10,000 free sound effects for your videos. And yes, these sounds were generated by AI. The stock music startup Evoke Music opened up their sound effect library to everyone. You can download all their 10,000+ sounds for free. Jump directly to the details and the links.

Can computers write original music?

Neural networks as of 2023 are able to compose original music. They may have trouble composing meaningful lyrics, though, as Science Focus mentions.

Working on different types of videos you may be happy with good-quality background music without lyrics. If this is your preferred use case, AI-generated music may be a perfect alternative to the traditional digital music written by humans.

While the concept of music generated automatically has existed for a long time, it became a real possibility only over the last decade. You may be surprised to learn that a lot of music samples used in both mainstream and stock music have been composed with AI.

How hard is it to create AI Music?

Neural networks use artificial intelligence techniques that are similar to the way the human mind processes information. You can feed the computer different pieces of audio and it learns to recognize patterns. This is similar to how we humans learn by repeating something over and over again.

There is another side to the story. By feeding a lot of information to computers, these neural networks become huge by size and difficult to understand because of their complexity. They may turn into black box programs that you use to input your criteria and then the program spits out a beautiful melody.

Will AI replace humans in music creation in the future?

We don’t think so. People say something similar with each introduction of new technologies into the world of media and entertainment. With the invention of TV, people feared that no one would go to cinemas anymore. Netflix was tagged as a TV killer 10-12 years ago , but streaming services still have a long way to go to make TV redundant.

With AI, making a professional quality song could be made by anyone with an Internet connection. This is a fact!

Also, we can expect AI for song and music writing to become much better in the next few years. AI may become a new source for lyrics writing, too. But humans will need to be there to help identify the good stuff and throw away the bad sound and songs.

In a nutshell, computers may be able to produce thousands of songs quickly, but humans would still need to select which of these tracks are good enough for release.

What are the benefits of AI-generated sounds?

For video editors and creators, access to AI-generated sound has a couple of advantages.

Provided the music and sounds are original and don’t trigger any copyright claims, AI-generated sound is cheaper to produce. AI can also offer more variety, because it’s easy to generate a large amount of tracks and sound effects to choose from. Just because of these two reasons, AI-generated music is cheaper to license.

Where can you download AI-generated music for projects?

There are a couple of options you can try if you are interested in this type of sound.

You can check out Evoke Music that uses their proprietary technology to generate music and sound effects. Use the promo code FFV15OFF to get 15% off all their subscriptions (the discount is valid on the first year’s fee).

You can also take a look at Jukebox (an open source technology) that you can tinker with if you code.

You can also sign up to try Amper Music, a service by Shutterstock Music, that allows you to generate your own music.

Free AI-generated sounds

Evoke Music, which we just mentioned, is a music startup focused on creating and licensing AI-generated music. It has a lot to offer to video creators as this site has a large library of AI music.

In a recent announcement, Evoke Music has announced that their entire library of sound effects is completely free (here are the steps to download the free SFX without adding your credit card). We’re talking about 10,000 sound effects from various categories.

Here are a handful of worthy mentions:

  • Ambience SFX
  • Doors
  • Materials
  • Tools
  • Animals
  • Foley SFX
  • Household SFX
  • Voices
  • Noises
  • Bells
  • Business

Behind Evoke Music, there is some serious muscle. Amadeus Code, an artificial intelligence songwriting assistant, powers Evoke Music.

One of the cool things about Amadeus Code is that it uses machine learning algorithms to analyze a massive database of musical patterns and styles, so it can generate ideas that are unique and sophisticated.

Amadeus Code is designed to be user-friendly, so you don’t need to have any prior musical knowledge to use it. You can use the app on your smartphone or computer, and you can also export the music you create to use in your own projects.

Evoke Music uses the songwriting algorithm and engine from Amadeus Code to offer a unique catalogue of music. The music within the library is grouped by mood, genre and instruments, which you can search on the site.

To download the free sound effects, go to the Evoke Music site, then jump to their SFX section. After signing up or signing in, find the sound effects you like and download them for free as WAV files.

The quality of the sound effects is great. This collection is a true competitor to the free sound effects from Mixkit.

If you look for more free sound effects, check out our handpicked collections here:

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