Free Premiere Pro Guide

Free Adobe Premiere Pro Guide

Adobe released a free Premiere Pro guide for long-form filmmakers. This free guide covers everything a starting or seasoned filmmaker needs to know to get started with Premiere Pro. See how you can download this 130+ page guide below.

According to Adobe, it took over three years to create this detailed guide. The free guide has inputs from a number of popular filmmakers like The Coen Brothers, David Fincher, just to name a few.

You can download the free guide from the Adobe site. We also uploaded a copy to our site as a backup (here is the direct link).

Before downloading the free Premiere Pro guide, which is only in English, take a look at the contents:

The guide will provide a lot of details about everything a video editor or filmmaker would want to know about Premiere Pro. From the hardware and settings needed, to more complex stuff like multi-camera editing and linking with After Effects.

The guide is not available in the other languages, but you can see translated snippets in these languages:

The free guide will be an interesting resource for Premiere Pro users. The guide includes screenshots and snappy short descriptions. The language of the guide targets intermediate and pro users. The users are expected to know some basic technical terminology.

Here is an example of what you’re getting. This section explains how to use LUTs.

We believe that this guide is a step in promoting Premiere Pro with the pro film and video editing community. It may also be the response to the recent DaVinci Resolve free guide.

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