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How Filmsupply Can Improve Your Video Production With Cinematic Footage

Here, at FreeForVideo, we prefer focusing on free stuff: free footage, free music, free sound effects. From time to time, we showcase paid collections and talk about paid creative libraries. You can always choose which way to go: use free to save on costs or go with paid for your client work.

This time, meet Filmsupply, an interesting library of premium and cinematic footage. Filmsupply is a paid stock video website where you have more options that a regular stock video site would offer. We will present this site and provide a discount at the end of the article [the discount is valid in January 2023].

The majority of stock video sites like Shutterstock or Pond5 are actually marketplaces. Anyone with a camera can upload their footage to the marketplace. Once the clip is reviewed and approved, it makes it to the site. This is why the major video libraries have millions of videos.

There is a small cohort of video sites like Filmsupply that are more premium in nature. They are not marketplaces, but rather curated collections of footage for more high-value needs like films, high-budget ads, and other projects where money may not be an issue.

How is Filmsupply different?

Filmsupply is a stock video website that offers a wide range of high-quality stock footage and video assets, including 4K and 8K footage, aerial footage, time-lapses, and more. Filmsupply also offers video production services, such as commercial and corporate video production, and they have a network of professional videographers and filmmakers available to work on custom projects.

In line with any other video library’s experience, you can search and browse videos, license the footage you like, create custom lists of clips, and share your custom collections with your team on Filmsupply.

The big difference from any other video library is that all the footage available on Filmsupply is shot by professional videographers and filmmakers. The site has a number categories to choose from, including nature, travel, food, urban, and more. The site also has a curated selection of footage for specific industries, such as real estate and technology.

Filmsupply also has Films. You can actually go through short films and license clippings from them (or even entire films).

Because the original footage comes from professional shoots, the footage is available in premium formats like RAW, ProRes, with resolutions above 4K.

Cinematic footage

As you must have already guessed, Filmsupply is all about providing cinematic footage.

If you don’t see the difference with the regular stock footage, here is a brief intro to cinematic footage.

Cinematic footage is stock footage that is shot and produced in a way that mimics the look and feel of a Hollywood film. It is usually shot with high-end cameras, lighting, and post-production techniques to create a polished, professional look. This type of footage often includes a lot of camera movements, such as dolly shots, crane shots, and steadycam shots, which add a dynamic and engaging quality and value to the footage.

Regular stock footage from the major stock video sites is usually shot with more standard cameras and equipment, and may not have the same level of polish and production value as cinematic footage. Regular stock footage usually features less dynamic camera movements and is more straightforward.

Who would need cinematic footage vs regular stock footage? Cinematic footage is often used in high-end film and video productions, such as commercials, feature films, and music videos.

Regular stock footage is often used in more standard projects such as corporate videos, news broadcasts, and online content.

How does Filmsupply source cinematic footage?

Filmsupply sources their premium footage through a network of professional videographers and filmmakers. These people are contracted by Filmsupply to shoot footage specifically for Filmsupply’s stock footage library. The videographers and filmmakers are selected based on their experience, skills, and the quality of their work.

Once the footage is shot, it is reviewed by Filmsupply’s team of curators to ensure that it meets their standards for quality and relevance. The footage is then color graded, edited, and processed to ensure that it is ready for use in professional productions.

Filmsupply also partners with other stock footage companies and independent filmmakers to acquire exclusive rights to their footage. This allows them to offer a wide range of footage that is not available from other stock footage providers.

How do you find a perfect shot on Filmsupply?

Follow these steps to find a good clip on this website:

  • Define your project’s needs: Before searching, take some time to define the specific needs of your film or video project. Consider the length, style, and tone of the footage you’re looking for.
  • Use search: Use the search bar on the Filmsupply website to find footage that matches your project’s needs. You can search using keywords, categories, and other filters to narrow down your options.
  • Preview the footage: Once you’ve found the video clips that matches your project’s needs, preview the footage to make sure it’s a good fit. Pay attention to the quality, composition, and overall look of the footage.
  • Check the license: Make sure that the footage you’re interested in is available for the type of use and distribution you have in mind, and that you have the rights to use it in your project. You can check the license information on the video clip page. You can also check the licensing page.
  • Make a list of clips: Create a lightbox of the footage that you like, this way you can come back to them later and make a decision.

Pricing and discounts

With the premium quality you will face premium pricing on Filmsupply. The licensing fee will vary depending on the specific clip and the license you choose. Filmsupply offers several licensing options, which are customized based on your use type and format of the video.

Some of the factors that will influence the cost of licensing footage on Filmsupply include the resolution of the footage, whether the footage is being used for commercial or personal use, the length of time the footage will be used, and the territory in which the footage will be used.

We will be honest: licensing stock footage from Filmsupply is more expensive than other stock footage sites, but the footage is high-quality and professional-looking. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s worth to compare their prices with other stock footage libraries and see if it fits your needs.

It’s also worth mentioning that custom footage is usually more expensive than stock footage, since it is shot for a client’s project and involves more production costs.

In January 2023, Filmsupply is running a promotion where you can save 20% if you license 5+ clips. Use the promo code: BUILDASCENE at checkout.

Overall, Filmsupply is a great resource for high-quality stock footage and video production services, providing a wide range of options for creators, marketers, and brands. It’s a great source of videos if you work on projects that are well funded and need assets of the cinematic quality.

Disclaimer: we are not associated with Filmsupply. This article is meant to help our readers discover new online services and providers.

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