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Three Ways to Download Envato Elements for Free Legally

Envato Elements is a cost-efficient website to get high-quality creative assets. We have identified 3 ways to download some Envato assets for free today.

Envato Elements is a massive library of creative assets (over 12 million elements in 2023) that you can use for all your creative needs. The website also has several ways to get some of their assets for free. In our article we will explain what Envato Elements are, how Elements are different from Envato Marketplace, and how to download video clips, music, sound effects, and more for free on these sites. Let’s get started.

Envato Elements and Envato Marketplace

Envato, an originally Australian company, has offices in Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. The company is active in the industry of creative assets: from footage to sound effects, from website templates to templated code. Envato manages two large entities: Envato Elements and Envato Marketplace.

Envato Elements is a subscription-based service that hosts over 12M design assets that cover the whole range of creative needs: fonts, vectors, images, ebooks, packs, templates, website assets. For a small monthly fee (starting under $20 per month) you will have access to a massive amount of creative assets.

Envato Elements categories

For filmmakers, video editors, motion designers, Envato Elements offer video templates, stock videos, graphic templates, royalty-free music, SFX.

The interesting twist to Envato Elements, which is different from a lot of competition, is their licensing and pricing.

The assets you download on Envato Elements are covered with the same Elements license. This is amazing as you don’t want to spend much time trying to understand the different license types. The Elements license covers both personal and commercial uses. Each downloaded asset is supposed to be used in one single project. You can re-use the item by registering it for another project.

Pricing is straight-forward too depending on the number of team members you have.

If you cancel the subscription, you can still use the items downloaded during your past subscription in the existing projects.
Cancelling your monthly subscription is easy, but you need to do that 23 days before the next payment not to get billed for the new month. Annual subscriptions should be canceled 3 months before the payment is due. Envato Elements does not refund cancelled subscriptions – you just have access to your assets for the remaining duration of the subscription.

Envato Marketplace is not a website, but a family of specialized sites. While Envato Elements has one license coverage, Envato Marketplace websites offer different licenses depending on your needs and usage. The Envato marketplace sites are specialized in one or a handful of creative asset types, like music or videos or images.

Here are the Envato marketplaces and their specializations:

Our experience between the Elements and Marketplace sites is that Elements offer a more curated experience. The quality of the available assets is higher. It seems that Envato’s team works with a select roster of artists to populate the Elements site.

The marketplace sites host millions of assets from contributors of different skillsets and levels. With the curation levels set very low, it’s difficult to filter through noise in search of quality items on the marketplace sites.

Now that we see the differences between Envato Elements and Envato Marketplace, let’s talk about the free stuff that Envato offers.

Envato Free Stuff

There are 3 ways to use some Envato goodies for free. We will cover them all below.

Free Envato Sites

Envato has 3 free sites in their portfolio of sites.

Reshot.com offers thousands of free icons and illustrations that you can download and use in your projects. They are all completely free and don’t require any attribution. Check the license to see what usages are allowed (the license is very generous).

Mixkit.co is a popular free site that offers free videos, sound effects, royalty-free music, and video templates. Everything you find on Mixkit is free. But you need to check the license for each asset type. The music license is more restrictive than the other assets, for example.

Tutsplus.com hosts a ton of free tutorials meant for the creative community. You will not find downloadable freebies here, but you can learn new skills for free on this site.

Envato Elements Free Trial

Envato Elements offers a free 7-day trial to their all-in-one subscription. You can sign up easily and try the library. The free trial is only available to new customers. To get access to the whole Envato Elements library for free during the first week, you will still need to sign up for an account and provide a payment method.

The caveat with the free trial is that you get access to either Individual or Student plan. The free trial does not cover the other subscription types.

Envato Elements Monthly Freebies

Envato Elements Monthly Freebies

Envato Elements has a monthly freebie program. If you sign up to receive these freebies by email, you will have access to 12 free files every month. These files include one of each asset types from Envato Elements: 1 video clip, 1 sound effect, 1 music track, and so on. Check the current month’s free files here.

Final Thoughts

Envato’s websites have a lot to offer to the creative community. From the all-in-one subscription on Envato Elements to a diversity of assets from contributors from around the world on the Envato marketplace sites, you can always get what you need for your project.

The free stuff from Envato comes in handy for users who want to try the library. Beginning artists and enthusiasts will find a ton of free stuff to use in personal or low-budget projects.

Disclaimer: Freeforvideo.com is an affiliate of Envato Elements. While we may get a small fee if you subscribe to Envato Elements, the opinions expressed above come from our personal experiences and research.

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