Free Animal Sound Effects

How to Download 300+ Free Animal Sound Effects

Need animal sounds for your video or audio project? Here are 300+ high-quality animal SFX ready for download.

Do you need crisp sounding meows or lion roars? Are you searching for sounds of dogs barking and pigs grunting? Check out our curated list of animal sounds from these 3 popular websites. The below animal sounds are completely free to download. They may have different permissions that you may need to check before using in projects.

What are animal sounds?

Quacks, grunts, barks, purrs, roars, bird singing, chirping and so much more… all the sounds produced by the animal world are called animal sounds.

When you cannot record specific animal sounds, you can go to specialized audio sites that offer thousands of animal sounds and beyond. While you can always license such SFX for a fee, you can also try free sounds, whose audio quality is no worse.

Audio licensing

When you buy animal sounds or download them for free, you need to be careful about the audio license. Paid sites have different license fees, which depend on your project type and distribution of the final creative. Free audio sites may also have restrictions. Often, free sounds are limited to personal non-commercial use.

Free animal sounds

Our curated collection of free animal sounds includes three websites. We also include the information about the audio licenses for these sound collections.

Free cat sounds from Shutterstock

Shutterstock has a free collection of cat sounds. Download the purrs and meows included in this pack. 7 sounds are available for free. Licensing is permissive as you can use these sounds in personal and commercial projects.

Free animal sounds from Mixkit

Mixkit has 170+ animal sounds in this stunning collection of SFX. The sounds include roars, grunts, meows, barks, chirps, and a lot of other animal and insect sounds.

Mixkit’s SFX license is very generous too. You can use these 170+ animal sounds in both personal and commercial projects. You cannot claim these sound effects as your own and distribute them as such.

Free animal sounds from FreeSoundEffects has a rich collection of free animal sounds that you can find here. This collection includes over 200 free sounds. The only caveat is that you can use these sounds for non-commercial projects only. If you want to use these free sounds for commercial projects, you will need to pay a fee to the site. The site allows you to license 100 sounds for $99, which is $1 per sound.

In case you need more free SFX, here are more free SFX collections from our site:

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