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Say Goodbye to Expensive Stock Footage with 10 Unlimited Download Video Sites

If you are a video editor with a consistent volume of creative work, you need a reliable source of inexpensive stock footage. Luckily, there is a ton of video subscription services today. You can get an easy access to premium quality stock video footage for your edits with such services at a lower cost compared to buying single clips. Below are the top 10 best stock video sites with unlimited stock footage downloads.

Why unlimited video downloads?

As a video editor or creator, you know that finding the right footage can be a real time-suck. You’re searching through countless stock footage libraries, trying to find the perfect shot, but oftentimes coming up empty handed. This is where unlimited stock video subscriptions come in to save the day! With these subscriptions, you have access to a vast library of good quality stock footage that you can use for all your video production needs, all for a flat monthly or annual fee.

Not only does this give you more creative freedom and flexibility, but it also speeds up your production process. No more wasting time searching for the right shot! With unlimited stock footage at your fingertips, you can quickly find what you need and get back to the creative work you love. So if you’re looking to streamline your video production process and have a reliable source of high-quality footage, then it’s time to explore the world of unlimited stock video subscriptions.


A film and video editor will be happy with Artgrid’s pro video subscription at $49/month when you pay for 12 months upfront ($599). This gives you access to RAW / LOG clips in 4K-8K. If you don’t need this high quality, opt for $30/month within their Creator subscription. Here are Artgrid’s video subscription options.

Artgrid video subscription plans

Clip Stock

Clipstock has a large video library which you can access with an unlimited subscription. You can try the library for free (download 5 free video clips or music tracks).

For as much as $17/month (paid for 12 months upfront), you get unlimited access to HD, 4K, 6K footage in their library. If you want music into the mix, be ready to pay $39/month. Here are Clipstock’s video subscription options.

Clipstock video subscription plans

Film Hero

Film Hero is another serious player in the world of unlimited video. For $49/month paid monthly, you get access to unlimited footage in 4K without any annual commitment. If you are ready to jump on a 12-month subscription and pay upfront, your cost per month will go down to $15/month. Here are Film Hero’s video subscription options.

Filmhero video subscription plans


With FilmPac you have access to over 100K video clips within their unlimited video subscriptions. For $500/year, you will get HD-4K quality footage, plus royalty free music into the bargain. Here are FilmPac’s video subscription options.

Here is a small secret from our team. FilmPac has their whole video collection on Pond5 and Shutterstock, where you can see their work. Plus, if you’re not ready to buy the subscription, you can license individual clips on either Pond5 or Shutterstock.

Filmpac video subscription plans


Findstory may be a smaller video site, but they have some good stuff to offer within their unlimited video subscription. Starting at $39, you get access to tons of videos in HD. If you need 4K and UHD, you will need to opt for the Creator or Pro subscriptions. Here are Findstory’s video subscription options.

Findstory video subscription plans

Motion Array

Motion Array has a very generous pricing. At $21/month or $250/year you get access to over 800K creative assets with stock footage in the mix. You also get some free perks like exclusive Adobe extension and video collaboration tool. Here are Motion Array’s subscription options.

Motion Array video subscription plans

ProVideo Factory

ProVideo Factory’s unlimited subscription is the least expensive in our list of unlimited subscriptions. At just $6/month you get access to thousands of HD, 4K, up to 8K videos. Graded and LOG footage is there too. Unlimited music and templates are the new nice additions to the library. They are included in the unlimited subscription. Here are ProVideo Factory’s video subscription options.

ProVideo Factory video subscription plans


With over 20K high-quality video clips, Storytape stands out for the cinematic quality of its footage. At $199/month you will be able to download their footage in HD and 4K. Take a look at their video subscription plans.

Storytape video subscription plans


We also have big boys in our list. Storyblocks, which used to be known as Videoblocks, has its own version of unlimited stock video. For $USD 35 or $CAD 40, you can get unlimited access to HD and 4K footage, AE templates, and stock music. Pay attention to the licensing as the coverage may not be universal. Here are Storyblocks’ video subscription options.

Storyblocks video subscription plans


Videvo is an interesting success story. They started as a free video site (and they still have 1000s of free video clips available for download), but they graduated into a hybrid model. With Videvo Pro you have access to premium footage.

Videvo will only provide unlimited downloads when you commit to 12 months. The best deal comes at $20/month, where you have access to unlimited footage, video template, and royalty-free music downloads. Pretty sweet! Here are Videvo’s video subscription options.

Videvo video subscription plans

Bonus: Envato Elements

Envato Elements remains one of the most generous stock libraries where you can go well beyond stock videos. From $16.50/month you have access to millions of creative assets within their subscription. This will allow you to tap into their library of 4M video clips, of which 2M are in 4K. Here are the subscription options, that also include a 7-day free trial.

Envato Elements pricing

Best use of your unlimited stock video subscription

If you are a video creator, unlimited video downloads are a no-brainer if you work on these projects below.
Unlimited stock footage can be used to create visually appealing explainer videos for businesses, online courses, and beyond. For example, you may be working on a video for a technology company. So, you could use stock footage of gadgets and devices to explain the features and benefits of their products.

Unlimited stock footage can be used to showcase the destinations and landmarks if you work on videos for a travel blog. Stock videos can provide an exciting visual component to the video and enhance the overall experience for viewers.
Like explainer videos, you can benefit from unlimited video downloads, when you want to create engaging and informative corporate training videos, such as safety training or product demonstrations.

Real estate agents can use stock footage to create virtual tours of properties, providing prospective buyers with a comprehensive view of the property and its features.

Unlimited stock footage can be used as missing scenes or b-roll when you work on videos about events, such as weddings or concerts. Stock footage will help build the flow in your video story.

These are just several use cases for your unlimited stock video subscription. Such subscriptions remain a cost-efficient way to streamline your editing process. It makes sense to get one if you work on several video projects each month. If your video creation is less frequent, unlimited video subscriptions may not be the best option. Just download single clips from the top video libraries (free and paid).

Wrapping up

Whatever your stock footage needs, unlimited subscriptions can offer so much more than regular on-demand video licensing. Packs of videos are great too, but they limit you to the amount of packs per month. Unlimited footage is all about giving you a lot of creative freedom. You don’t have to worry constantly about the limits. Just go with the flow and download what you want to try in your project.

Need free options? Sure, take a look at these free video collections before jumping into any paid video subscription:

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