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Best Free Stock Video Footage Sites in 2024

Check out the 9 best free stock video footage sites in 2024. We’re sharing our insights and POV about these free footage sites below.

If you look to add video to your project, consider these free video sites. Video added to your presentation or as a header on your website or landing pages can be a game changer in keeping your audience’s attention.

If you work on a home video project, you might also consider free footage to add to your video edit.

If you start your search with just “download video” or “download footage”, you may see tons of video sites in your search results. You may not always know which site is free and which site is paid.

You may find sites like Shutterstock, Pond5, 123RF, Storyblocks, or Envato at the top of your searches. These video libraries have millions of video clips, but both of them require a paid subscription. It makes sense to use them if you do videos for commercial purposes.

For small projects or personal videos, you are still better off with free footage. Fortunately, there are many good video sites where you can download footage completely free of charge.

We recommend checking out these 9 free video sites. Also see the important details about licensing for each of the free video sites. If you want to use any free videos with your clients or as advertising, you would need to know the limitations of your free license.

Let’s start with our list of the best free stock video footage sites in 2024.


Dareful - Free Stock Footage Site gives access to high-quality footage. The choice is good with a wide range of scenes and subjects in the video clips.

This website seems to focus more on the quality of footage rather than the quantity. You will find great landscapes, textures and backgrounds.

The website offers detailed descriptions for each video clip. On the flip side, high-quality comes with the large file size. Be ready to spend some time downloading the clips.

Footage comes in .MOV. The majority of the free videos come in HD with a small collection in 4K.


Pexels - Free Stock Video Site

Besides its huge collection of free images, Pexels also has a collection of free videos. All the free footage from Pexels comes under Creative Commons license. This means you’re free to use the free video clips for personal and commercial projects without attribution.

Pexels offers a good variety of high-quality footage. Unfortunately, you will not be able to find 4K clips on this site. Pexels’ videos come in the compressed .MP4 format, in HD. You may have a look at their background videos, time-lapse footage and GoPro videos. Pexels can be a good source of background videos for your blog or your website.


Pixabay - Free Stock Footage Site

Pixabay is very similar to Pexels. They offer both free images and free footage. The free video clips available on Pixabay come from their community of contributors. The majority of the clips are under 50 seconds in length. You can also find 4K videos on the site. The quality is compressed as the clips are in .MP4.

The license is not restrictive. You can use the videos for personal and commercial projects without any attribution.


Videezy - Free Stock Video Footage

Videezy is another free stock footage site. On one hand, you can find a good collection of 4K clips on this website. For instance, the drone videos available are breath-taking! 4K clips available here are mostly landscapes and abstract scenes. There are a lot of scenes created digitally in 3D software or After Effects.

On the other hand, Videezy requires attribution. You need to credit “” in your projects. The video clips on Videezy are also compressed. They come in .MP4.

Videezy also has a premium tier of video clips. These come at a fee. You can distinguish between the paid and free via the tag “Pro”, which you can find on paid videos.


Videvo - Free Stock Footage Site

Videvo is another important free video site with thousands of video clips. Built with the help of a community of video contributors, Videvo offers a good choice of free video clips.

Well, thousands of contributors may have different skills sets. This may have an impact on the overall quality of the free footage on this site. Still, it’s worth checking this footage site. Videvo has three licenses. You will need to check which of the three your preferred video clip falls under.

The standard license lets you use the clip without attribution. You are forbidden to re-distribute the video under this license. The attribution license is the same as the standard license. Plus, it also requires to credit the video’s contributor.

The creative commons license allows one to share and edit the clip. But it also requires to credit the creator and mention the changes made. Videvo also marks certain videos “Editorial use only”. You should not be using such footage for any commercial purposes. The tag “all projects and media” allows all uses, including commercial.

Videvo’s video clips come as .MP4 and QuickTime. You can also find a number of 4K clips on this video site.

More free stock video sites

Here are some more free sites that made it to our list of free video libraries:

Life of VidsThis website contains a small collection of free videos. They come with no copyright restrictions.

Coverr: This is a relatively new free video site. Coverr has a solid library of free footage. The license is also very permissive. You can use their free footage for personal and commercial projects without attribution.

Mixkit.coThis website sponsored by Envato has a good amount of free video clips that you can download without signing up. What’s the catch? If you don’t like this free selection of videos, you can check the paid video offering on Envato. This website offers over 200 free aerial video clips for download. You can use them in both commercial and personal projects.

How to choose a stock video library

When it comes to choosing a stock video site (even if it’s a free stock video library), there are a few key factors to consider. We believe that the quality of the footage is paramount. Always ensure that the site offers high-quality videos, preferably in HD or 4K. This is to make sure that your final product is professional and engaging, regardless of how or where the final video is viewed.

The video library’s size and diversity is another aspect to consider. A good stock video site should offer a wide selection of clips, spanning various subjects, styles, and themes. In this way you will have plenty of options to choose from.

We always mention licensing as an important factor to consider in choosing your video library. The free site of your choice should offer clear and straightforward licensing terms. Ideally, the licensing will be generous enough to use the footage for you across multiple platforms and projects if necessary.

In 2024 free footage is so much more accessible. At the same time licensing may be more restrictive. Before downloading free footage, you might check the restrictions and limitations imposed by the free sites.

If you are looking to download free 4K videos, take a look at this collection of sites and 4K video packs that we handpicked for you.

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