Best Free Sound Effect Packs

The Best 14 Free Sound Effect Packs for YouTube Videos, Film, Podcast

This massive collection of sound effects includes over 300 individual sounds that you can use in your video, film or podcast. Since we focus more on the video side in our production, we’re inclined to provide more use cases for video. This is why you will find some use cases that belong more in the video world like trailers, explosions, footsteps.

Podcasters will also find a good bunch of useful sounds to use in their audio projects. We will offer SFX resources that include technology sounds, glitches, scratches, ambient sounds, and more.

Now prepare a separate folder on your computer to host these free SFX packs. Ready? Let’s jump into it.

Origins of Sounds Effects

Sound effects have their origins in radio back in 1920s. With the popularity of home radio back in the day, audio program directors had to come up with new ways to keep listeners engaged. They started introducing sounds to increase the dramatic effect of the audio storytelling.

By and by, broadcasters began hiring sound engineers to create sounds like glitches, footsteps, buzzes, bells, and so on. These sound engineers had to work alongside voice actors. This is how Foley artists came into being. Today Foley is a well-established profession respected in both video and audio production world.

As you may have guessed, sound effects migrated from radio to film once films got sound back in 1930s. Today any video production, from YouTube videos to blockbuster movies, includes sound effects.

Where To Find Free Sound Effect Packs

Sound effects are not a rarity anymore. You can license sound effects online and use in your personal and commercial projects. You can also find free sound effects whose quality is outstanding. These sounds are also good to use in commercial projects.

We have collected 14 free sound effect collections for the most popular use cases: explosions, glitches, retro, vintage, scratches, zombie sounds, ambient atmospheres, hi-tech interface sounds. You can use the sound effects in podcases, narrative short films, documentary projects, commercial projects, corporate projects, any digital content.

Free Trailer Sound Effects

Free sound effects for movie trailers
  • Free Trailer SFX pack from PremiumBeat includes 20 action trailer sound effects including sweeps, risers, slams, and intense atmospheres. You can download this pack without any signup. The sound effects are cleared for commercial use.
  • 99 Free Cinematic and Trailer SFX pack includes 99 premium royalty-free sounds cleared for use in commercial projects. Set the price to 0$ and go through the checkout process to download these packs for free.

Free Explosion Sound Effects

Free explosion sound effects

Free Sci-Fi Sound Effects

Free sci-fi sound effects

We have a couple of collections of free Sci-Fi sound effects for you:

Both free collections allow for commercial use alongside personal use.

Free Glitches & Scratches

Free glitch and scratch sound effect packs

Here are two valuable collections of free glitch sounds:

Both collections of free sounds are good to use in commercial projects without attribution.

Free Retro & Vintage Sound Effects

Free retro and vintage sound effects for video and audio

Here we have two high-quality sound packs for your projects:

Free Footstep Sounds

Free footstep sound effect packs

Free Technology Sound Effects

Free technology sound effect pack

Free Ambient Sound Effect Packs

  • Get 15 free ambient sounds on PremiumBeat including birds, campfire, coffee shop, forest, ocean waves, and more.
  • Download 80+ free cinematic atmospheres. This pack includes 5 sub-collections. This is a perfect collection for filmmakers as the choice is so rich. All clear for use in commercial projects.

30 Free Premium Sound Effects

Get 30 premium sounds in this pack from FilmPac. The pack also includes 20 video clips and 3 music tracks. That’s all in exchange for your valid email.

More Free SFX Packs

We have several more free SFX collections that you can download for free.

How to Use Free Sound Effects in Projects

Here are 5 best practices that you’d want to apply to your process of using free sound effect packs.

Download and Review

Set up a download folder for these free packs. Download them one by one and listen to them. Before using them in your videos or podcasts, listen to them to get a feeling of their quality. Make sure the downloaded sounds don’t have any odd sounds, cuts, watermarks. We made sure that they are not watermarked, but check nonetheless.

Find Your Favorite Part

Open the audio files in your audio or video editing software. Find your favorite stretch. Whether it’s a 2-3 second piece or longer, make sure you make a note of that.

Cut and Loop

If you want to use and reuse your favorite audio piece, you may need to loop the audio. Cut down to your favorite part, copy and duplicate this stretch time and again.

Match to Video or Audio

When your sound stretch is ready, match it up with your video or audio (for podcasts). Sync the sound up with the action in your video.

Adjust Levels

If you video or audio project does not call for the background audio to stand out, keep the sound effect levels low if you use ambient sounds. If you use explosions, cracks, glitches, you want to make them heard. Also use high-pass and low-pass filters if needed just to make the sound feel closer or further away.

Final Thoughts

Sound assets are useful elements to create a more realistic effect on your viewer or listener. Use them actively in your projects. At the same time you don’t have to pay for sound effects all the time — save with the free packs above! Bookmark this page with the free sound effect packs and come back frequently. We will keep adding new free sound collections here in the future.

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