Free fonts for motion design

The Best Free Fonts for Motion Design Projects

If you search for free fonts for your After Effects projects, learn how to choose the right free fonts for motion design projects and check out our collection of free typefaces.

Several years ago I was working on creative concepts in InDesign. The project was about designs to print on some merch for small businesses. Back then my supervisor was not too picky about the fonts I was using if the print turned out well. Fast-forward to today, fonts are less forgiving in motion design than in print. Choosing fonts that you want to use in your motion design projects should be done with care. Let’s see why.

In motion design projects text is only visible for a short time. For our viewer to be able to read the text, the font should not be distractive in any way. The letters should not blend either. So we need to focus on the readability of our fast-moving text.

What should we do when we choose a font? There are a couple of simple rules. We should not use super thin fonts to avoid pixel blending. We should not use decorative fonts either to avoid any distractive elements. Stretching the font is not a good idea either.

This means that our choice of fonts may be limited. Good free fonts for motion design projects become a rare thing. Let’s look at these free fonts that very much in line with the best practices that I outlined above. Download these free fonts and use them in your motion design projects.

Free Handwritten Font

FilmBodega offers a free handwritten font based on a vintage vynil record collection. There is a personal touch for the story as the font is based on the notes from the author’s late dad. The font turned out impressive with a touch of nostalgia.

Governor Free Font

Governor free font

This Art Deco alphabet inspired by views you can find in Florida is free for use in personal projects. Insert $0 and download the font immediately without signing up.

Mission Gothic Free Font

Mission Gothic free font

Mission Gothic is a relic: a ghost from an era where letters were hand-painted on wood and glass. Download this font for free.

Kelson Sans Free Typeface

Kelson Sans free font

The Kelson Sans typeface is a remake of the original Kelson type family, which was designed by Bruno Mello from Brazil. You can use this gorgeous sans-serif typeface in both personal and commercial projects.

Norwester Free Font

Norwester free font

Norwester is a condensed geometric sans serif, which includes uppercase, small caps, numbers & an assortment of symbols. Conceived by Jamie Wilson.

SciFly Sans Free Font

SciFly free font

Tomi Haaparanta, the famous and prolific font designer from the Suomi Type Factory created SciFly Sans, which you can download for free and use in your projects to create a unique style.

Lovelo Free Font

Lovelo free font

Lovelo free font is a remake of the original Lovelo Inline – designed by Renzler Design from Austria. Download this font family for free.

Fairview Free Font

Fairview free font

Fairview is a condensed industrial sans serif. It includes a regular and small cap variation. Download it for free for use in personal projects.

Archive Free Font

Archive free font

Archive is a contemporary sans-serif fonts constructed with strong geometric forms for free download.

Tall Dark and Handsome Free Font

Tall Dark and Handsome free font

Download this minimalistic font for free here. Good for use in various types of projects.

Ribbon – Free Animated Typeface

Ribbon free typeface for motion designers

Add dynamic modern style to your videos with this professionally made typeface from Rocketstock. Free to download with one click.

Franchise – Free Animated Typeface

Franchise animated typeface

Franchise is a free animated typeface that you can use in After Effects. It’s a product of an effort by several designers and animators. Download it for free for use in various types of projects.

Helvetica Neue – Free Animated Font

This animated font represents an After Effects template with 43 unique compositions representing every letter, number, and most major punctuation marks.

Looking for more animated titles to use in Premiere Pro or free After Effects templates? Take a look at these free collections where we gathered a ton of free elements and assets:

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