Best Free Animation Software to try

Best Free Animation Software You Need to Try in 2024

Check out the best free animation software that’s easy to download and start using in 2024.

If you are interested in animation, it’s so easy to get started today. There are several free animation apps out there that you can download and try without paying a free. Let’s check these animation programs out, see their demos, and focus on their main features.

What is Animation Software?

Let’s define animation software before going into our free animation software list. Animation software helps create motion on a frame-by-frame basis. Each frame represents a single drawing, or image. The frames are often created within the software. The animation software also allows importing frames from external sources.

Animation software may be expensive if it comes with pro tools. Luckily, there are powerful animation apps that are completely free. Let’s see the list.


Blender is a new hot app for 3D artists. It’s completely free, which makes it super popular with starting motion designers and animators. Blender has an interesting tool – Grease Pencil – that allows you to draw in 3D. With this tool you can draw 2D animation and manage motion graphics.

Here is a tutorial for beginners that give a lot of initial tips to get started with Blender.


This free animation app focuses on 2D animation. Animation pros use this app as a free alternative to the paid Adobe Animate.

OpenToonz will require a learning curve as it has a bunch of pro features used by pro animators. Let’s get started with this free tutorial.

Synfig Studio

This free app is similar to the above mentioned OpenToonz. You may find Synfig Studio‘s interface too minimalistic, but it’s still a powerful animation app. Vector tweening is one of the advanced features that it can offer. Plus, the app includes layers, filters, bone-rigging. You can also use vector images in your projects.


Inkscape is an open-source illustration application. It can be useful for animators as it allows you to create vector graphics that you can use in the other free animation tools.

Here is a tutorial to start your first project in Inkscape:


Here is another free animation app for 2D projects. Some pro animators recommend Pencil2D as the best starter program, which is ideal for frame-by-frame animations. Pencil2D is a free animation app that you can use even for commercial projects. This app supports both vector graphics and bitmap.

Let’s jump directly into it with this detailed tutorial:


Krita is another popular animation app that’s free. It is perfect for hand-drawn animation. It also includes 100+ pre-loaded brushes and a bunch of effects. In addition to the above features, Krita has brush stabilizers, which makes interesting for tablet users.


Autodesk, the owner of SketchBook, used to keep this app paid. Not anymore! SketchBook is now completely free and you can download and use it like the other free animation apps.

This one is an ideal starter program too. It has a user-friendly interface, which is easy to understand and use. The available brushes feel natural. If you come from the video making world, this app will be easy to use and try.

Here is where you’d want to start in SketchBook.

If you are looking for more free assets, check out these pages.

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