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Download 25 Free Premiere Pro Lumetri Looks

Make your videos more cinematic in Premiere Pro in seconds with these free Lumetri looks.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a rich video editor with tons of tools you can use to salvage, beautify, enhance your footage. Premiere Pro also allows to export presets that you can re-use in other edits or share with the video community, peers and friends.

Lumetri color-grading presets help create that cinematic look we could only see in movies decades ago. Not anymore! It takes a couple of clicks to create your own looks in Lumetri. Even easier – you can download free Lumetri looks and use in your own edits. To get that cinematic look, you have two options: add Lumetri looks and add LUTs.

If you don’t need any theory about Lumetri looks and LUTs, jump directly to the free download links.

Lumetri Looks vs LUTs

When you add footage to your project, go to the Color tab. In the Lumitri Color panel, you find several options to color grade your footage. Let’s talk about Basic Correction and Creative.

In the Basic Correction you can use the in-app LUTs or add custom LUTs. It’s an easy one-click process to use LUTs. Luckily, we have an impressive collection of 200+ free LUTs that you can download here. Along with the download links, you will find more details about what LUTs are and how to use them.

LUTs are amazing shortcuts to color grading. But if you want to go an extra mile, check the Creative tab.

The Creative Tab gives you several powerful color tools: adjustments, curves, color wheels. That’s where you can go full Hollywood or retro or rustic in your video scenes.

Custom Lumetri Looks

You don’t have to recreate the looks for every video scene, though. Instead, finish your color grading and then save your look by going up to the dropdown next to Lumetri Color in the tab and choosing Export.look. Save it in a folder and use the preset in other projects.

Free Premiere Pro Lumetri Looks

You can also use other people’s presets. We are sharing our Lumetri looks for free. This shark video needed some color grading and we tried several looks. Finally, the choice was made to go with a slight vignette. But you can download all the 12 looks we created by downloading them below.

You can download this shark video for free here (1080p version is free).

You can also download our 12 free Lumetri looks for Premiere Pro below. The presets are grouped into Underwater, Exposure, Vignettes. You can use them in personal or commercial projects.

More Free Lumetri Looks

You can also download these 14 cinematic looks from PremiumBeat, a stock music site. These looks mimic a bunch of Hollywood movies from a while ago. This pack is a must-have in your collection of cinematic video looks.

Download this Lumetri preset pack for free.

How to Install Lumetri Presets

Time needed: 3 minutes

Here is an easy way to add the free looks to your footage in Premiere Pro.

  1. Download the Lumetri pack

    Download the Free Lumetri Looks pack and unzip it in your preferred folder on your computer.

  2. Start Premiere Pro

    Open the video editor on your computer.

  3. Import media in Premiere

    Import a video clip to your project and add it into your timeline.

  4. Highlight the video in your timeline

    Click on the clip you want to work with.

  5. Go to the Color panel

    Open the Creative tab in the Lumetri Color panel.

  6. Go to the Creative tab

    Under Creative Correction, select the Looks dropdown menu, and click on Browse.

  7. Browse and add the custom look of your choice

    Go to the Free Lumetri looks folder and select the look that you like.

How to Apply Free Custom Lumetri Looks to Multiple Video Clips

Here is what you need to do in order to apply the same custom Lumetri look to several or all videos in your edit.

  1. Apply the Lumetri look to one video in your project and click on that video.
  2. Copy the video. Do CTRL+C (for PC) or CMD+C (for Mac).
  3. Highlight the clips onto which you want to apply the same look.
  4. Right-click and select “Paste Attributes” – Lumetri Color.

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