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Download 200+ Free Cinematic LUTs in 2021

Download over 200 free cinematic LUTs to improve the look of your video and footage. Use these free LUTs in the major NLEs and mobile editors like VN video editor.

Let’s start with the basics. A LUT or “Look Up Table” is a preset color profile for color grading footage or film in video editing software. You can use LUTs in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro. 

In more technical terms, LUTs hold a set of numbers that your respective video editing software looks up to change the color of an image. The input value, which your camera recorded, is transformed into a desired color value for your output. For example, this free LUT will allow to convert Log footage into Rec. 709.

After downloading the free LUTs of your choice, scroll down and learn how to use the LUTs in Premiere Pro, Davinci, FCPX, or mobile video editors like VN video editor.

Free LUTs

Without further ado, here free LUTs ready for download. We also provide a short description for each link. If there is a tutorial attached, we provide it too.

LUTs Color Grading Pack by IWLTBAP 
Even though this is a paid pack, its author offers a good amount of free samples.

10+ Free Cinematic LUTs from IWLTBAP
This is a free sample from IWLTBAP’s paid pack. The author provides detailed instructions about how to import LUTs in your software. The tutorials are Vimeo-hosted videos.

35 Free LUTs from Rocketstock
These are 35 .CUBE files good for use in Premiere Pro, FCPX, Davinci, After Effects. See their trailer.

17 free LUTs for LOG footage
PremiumBeat offers 17 free LUTs for use in personal and commercial projets. The free LUTs are .CUBE files for use in Premiere Pro, FCP, DaVinci.

This LUT is useful to give that vintage look to your scenes. It’s a .CUBE file from Frank Glencairn, an established cinematographer.

Free 3D Cinematic LUT from SmallHD
SmallHD gives away this LUT pack. They will ask you a couple of questions before allowing to download it. Worth it!

Free Cinematic LUTs from Juan Melara
In his free LUT pack (direct download link) you will find the following print film stock emulations: Fujifilm 3510, Fujifilm 3513, Kodak 2383, Kodak 2393.

13 Free LUTs from Ground Control Color
The LUTs are priced at $0. You will need to go through the checkout process to get these free LUTs.

20+ Free LUTs from PresetPro
Check out this collection of free LUTs. Each LUT comes as .CUBE and .3dk

5 Free Cinematic LUTs from Steven Van
Get these LUTs for free. You will need to go through the checkout process on his site. Here is the official trailer.

13 free customizable LUTs from Shutterstock
Download 13 high-quality and completely free LUTs from Shutterstock. Get also a coupon into the bargain.

Free LUTs from Filtergrade
Download 8 free cinematic LUTs from These LUTs are compatible with the traditional and mobile video editors.

10 Free Cinematic LUTs from PushFocus
PushFocus is currently offering 10 free video LUTs that can be applied directly to rec 709 footage.

To download the cinematic LUTs, just add the product in your cart and go through the checkout process. This pack is free, so there will be no charge. The download includes 10 .CUBE files ready to be used in any NLE.

More about LUTs

You’re still here? Let’s dig into LUTs a little more. LUTs are simple to understand and powerful to use.

Spend several minutes to watch this video about LUTs. This video explains how LUTs can give your videos that beautiful cinematic look.

Frequently Asked Questions about LUTs

Are LUTs presets?

No, LUTs are not presets. But a preset in your video editing software can contain a LUT.

Can LUTs be edited?

Yes, you can edit LUTs and use them as layers. This allows you to adjust opacity and, thus, customize your look further.

How would you use LUTs?

Filmmakers and videographers use LUTs to create and save color grades. These grades can be used in multiple projects. With the help of LUTs flat footage can be so much better with new contrast and style.

Are LUTs compatible with all software?

LUTs come as .CUBE, .3DL. .LOOK files. They may be also .VLT, .XMP. Before downloading free LUTs or paid LUTs, you might want to make sure your software can use such files. A quick search on your preferred search engine can get you this info.

How to import LUTs in Premiere Pro?

  1. Import your footage and click on the clip you want to work with.
  2. In the Lumetri Color panel, open the Basic Correction tab.
  3. Under Basic Correction, select the Input LUT dropdown menu, and click on Browse.
  4. Go to the folder with the LUTs you downloaded and select the LUT of your choice.

How to import LUTs in Final Cut Pro?

  1. Once you have imported your footage, open the Effects Browser.
  2. Add Custom LUT Effect to your footage.
  3. Choose the LUT of your choice.
  4. Adjust the intensity of your LUT.

How to import LUTs in Davinci?

  1. Open DaVinci Resolve Project Settings.
  2. Click Open LUT Folder in the Color Management Section.
  3. Drag and Drop LUTs of your choice.
  4. Click Update Lists.
  5. Add LUTs to Footage from the 3D Input Lookup Table.
  6. Pick a LUT and Click Save.

How to use free LUTs in VN video editor?

  1. Download VN video editor to your mobile device: Android or iOS
  2. Download of the free LUT packs to your mobile device and unpack in a folder of your choice. Remember the path to the LUT files.
  3. In VN video editor go to the timeline and go to Filter.
  4. Next to the current filters, click + to add an external filter.
  5. Go to the folder with the downloaded free LUTs and pick the LUT of your choice. For a more visual walkthrough, follow the video tutorial below.

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